7 Tips to Getting Ready for the Christmas Season

If your household is like most Australian households, you’re probably beginning to feel a bit hot under the collar because we’re getting into the crazy time of the year with a never-ending list of people to see, dishes to cook, things to do and places to be. What’s more, friends seem to think this is the perfect time to come and visit.

If you’ve got children, things are even busier, and it’s a challenge to even keep the house clean. Despite what the festive season can throw at you, Christmas is a joyous season and one that should be enjoyed wholeheartedly.  By beginning preparations earlier on, staying organised becomes much easier – this is aside from decorating and gift buying.

We are giving people at TAXIBOX so we’ve come up with 7 tips to keep on top of things during the Christmas season.

Christmas Stress

1. Declutter

Junk and clutter can really get in the way when you’ve got people constantly coming and going from your home.  Plus, clearing out junk also clears your mind and gives you a fresh start, which may be exactly what is needed when heading into the silly season.

A TAXIBOX is great for decluttering. Throw out the stuff you don’t need, and store the things you don’t need regularly but can’t bring yourself to throw out.

2. Stock the freezer

Last minute entertaining tends to be a part of the festive season so don’t be caught off guard by stocking your freezer with frozen sausage rolls and pies, mini quiches, puff pastry, BBQ friendly meats, and baked goods such as buns and bread loaves. Don’t forget to pop the vodka in there too.

3. Give the garden a once over

It might be the perfect time to tend to your garden which you may have neglected over winter. You don’t need to aim for perfection but focus on tidying up the weeds, mowing the lawns, and sweeping the paths, especially around the entrance.

4. Keep on top of the bathrooms

Having guests pop over when the house is a little untidy is not too bad, but clean bathrooms are a must. Every evening just do a quick 2 minute speed clean and you’ll never fear embarrassment when guests pop by.

5. Schedule in big jobs

Things like getting the carpets steam cleaned, washing the window dressings, and oiling the deck are often things put off. They can make a big difference so before things get too busy, book those services in or prepare to do them yourself.

6. Prepare supplies

Things like tablecloths and gravy boats that are rarely used, and often easily lost, shouldn’t be brought out last minute lest you can’t find them. So while you’ve got some time wash and iron your tablecloths and dust off that gravy boat. You may need to book in an access request at your local TAXIBOX facility so you can get those items out of storage, free of charge of course.

7. Delegate

It’s a time to enjoy and to relax as well, so don’t take on everything yourself. Get the kids and rest of the household involved. Create a list of tasks earlier on and then divide them out with plenty of time.


Most of all remember that the festive season is meant to be a time to reconnect with friends and family, a time for rest, and relaxation. At the end of the day remember that if people are coming to visit you, they’re not there to evaluate your housekeeping skills. If all else fails, no one will judge you if you chuck your junk in a few washing baskets, hide them in a closet, and pour you and your guests some wine.


Merry Christmas 🎄 🎄 🎄

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