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More factors to consider when choosing a self-storage facility ? (Part 2)

Facility Differentiators

To recap, in part 1 of our article on what to look for when assessing a self-storage facility, we discussed reviews, access times, and security.

In part 2 we’ll run through unit size and type options, cleanliness, load handling equipment, concierge services, transport options, payment options, packing supplies and insurance.

Unit size and type options

When it comes to options, TAXIBOX has the market covered.

With TAXIBOX mobile self-storage, we’ve got a one size, modular approach. These units can be used for mobile self-storage, interstate moving and on-site storage. For sizes, check out our storage calculator here .

With TAXIBOX Local Storage, we’ve got fixed self-storage units, 20″ shipping containers and warehouse storage options (not to mention spaces for vehicle storage including boat storage, car storage and caravan storage).

When it comes to fixed Self Storage units, one size does not necessarily fit all. You may just have a couple of archive boxes to store, or perhaps just some excess furniture. On the other hand, you might be looking for some business storage and a place to store your excess inventory. TAXIBOX Local Storage caters for all requirements, with storage units ranging from 10m3 up to a whopping 70m3, all under the one roof.


As we have mentioned earlier, a good indicator of the quality of a storage facility is the strength of their security. The same goes for cleanliness. If a storage operator doesn’t take pride in the appearance of their facility, what value will they place on the goods you are storing?

Simple things like maintained lawns, paintwork, cobweb and dust removal show that the operator of the storage facility cares about making a good impression, and this will carry over to the care they take in looking after your possessions while in storage. At TAXIBOX Self Storage, we encourage potential clients to visit us before making a commitment, so we can take the time to show you around. You will see the importance we place in our presentation, and of course the care we take in storage your belongings.

Load handling equipment

Moving isn’t the most loved activity at the best of times but we can make things that little bit easier at our end.

At TAXIBOX Local Storage in Mordialloc, we have a range of equipment available for our customers to use, to make the process of moving into storage that little bit easier. 2 wheel trolley, 4 wheel platform trolley, a pallet jack and a platform ladder are all available to use for free. We can even unload pallets from a truck, with our forklift and licensed drivers available for a small fee.

Concierge Service

Self Storage is not just for residential or domestic use. It is an ideal arrangement for a businesses, operating on the road or from home, needing extra space to store stock or marketing materials. In this case, what happens when you have a delivery or pickup to arrange? You might not always be close by to meet the courier. This is where a concierge service proves invaluable.

TAXIBOX Local Storage is staffed at all times during our open hours. This means that you can have deliveries or pickups arranged, secure in the knowledge that we will be on hand to sign for deliveries and notify you of their arrival, keeping them safe in our storeroom until you come in, and vice versa for pickups. Many local Melbourne businesses use our TAXIBOX Local Storage Facility for just this purpose as their local Braeside/Mordialloc mini warehouse!

Payment Options

Self Storage is all about convenience. This extends to invoicing and payments. In many cases, customers use self storage because they are interstate or out of the country for a period of time. Perhaps you aren’t on hand to make regular monthly payments for your storage. This is where flexibility can prove invaluable. Both TAXIBOX mobile storage and TAXIBOX Local Storage provides a wide range of payment options. Cash, Mastercard, Direct Deposit either online or in person. We can set up an auto credit card payment for you each month. We can take credit card payments online or over the phone. For long term storage we even offer generous discounts for payments of 6 or 12 months in advance!

Packing Supplies

To assist in the process of packing up and going into storage, it’s important to have a good supply of packing materials on hand – boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, covers… TAXIBOX Local Storage has all of this and more! A range of sturdy boxes, tape and dispensers, various size mattress, chair and lounge covers and more bubble wrap than you can poke a stick at… (Enough to keep those pesky bubble poppers going for hours!).

For mobile self-storage, check out our packing supplies here. For TAXIBOX Local Storage, our supplies can be found here.


Last, but not least, insurance!

In a perfect world, we would never need to think about the unthinkable. But despite all our best efforts sometimes things go wrong. As rare as this may be, it is worth considering insuring your belongings while in storage. After all, “If it’s worth storing, it’s worth insuring”. TAXIBOX Self Storage can provide self storage insurance for your precious belongings. Come and see us for rates and a copy of the PDS.


Questions? Call 1300 87-60-87 for TAXIBOX Mobile self-storage. Or, 1300 95-66-44 for TAXIBOX Local Storage. We service all of Melbourne including south-eastern neighbouring suburbs such as Beaumaris, Mordialloc, Dingley Village, Keysborough, Cheltenham,  Sandringham, Pardale and Mentone. We’re waiting and excited to chat. Cheers!


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