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TAXIBOX vs removalists

Most moving companies are not only overpriced, they also waste your time. Here’s how TAXIBOX is different from a traditional moving company:

  1. A fixed price quote – no more hourly rates and uncapped bills
  2. Cheaper prices – because you do the packing (or better yet your friends do the packing!). TAXIBOX can organise a removalist for you if you prefer.
  3. Save time! – don’t wait around at home for a moving company to grace you with their presence. Caring about availability of movers and trucks is a thing of the past with TAXIBOX
  4. Organise your move – pack each room or two rooms into a separate TAXIBOX for easier loading and unloading.
  5. Protect your belongings – our TAXIBOXES are constructed out of breathable wood that protects your goods from mould, mildew and dust

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