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50% Off Two Months’ Storage

Christmas is a busy time for everyone, especially the TAXIBOX Elves (our drivers love it when we call them that). With so many presents TAXIBOXES to leave under the trees carports, and only so many hours in the day, we wanted to find a way which helps everyone in the event that we run out of capacity on our trucks.

So, for the month of December, we’re giving you 50% off your first two months’ storage with us if you’re able to load your items at our facility. What’s the catch?

  1. Bring your items to us.
  2. Store for 2 months or more.
  3. Be a new customer. (Details person? See:


When you’re ready to finish storing with us (sniff), you can either check out from our facility for FREE, or we’ll take $50 off your re-delivery fee.

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