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So you’ve decided, or are considering, to move to Australia’s favourite city? Let me guess, you visited Sydney during your last holiday and didn’t want to leave? Well you’re not alone, Sydney is Australia’s most visited city with more than 10 million visitors each year, luring in tourists with its beautiful beaches, exciting arts scene and cultural calendar, international diversity, fantastic shopping and plentiful job opportunities. There couldn’t be a better time to move to this vibrant city, having recently ranked as number 10 in Mercer’s 2016 list of most liveable cities. If you’re ready to make the move to this exciting city, we can help get you there!



TAXIBOX offers mobile self-storage boxes, meaning that not only do we deliver the self-storage box to your door, saving you the trip and hassle of moving your house contents to a fixed storage facility, but we can also move that storage box interstate.  Like a backloading or removalist service, TAXIBOX will transport your belongings to your new interstate home. BUT, it’s more secure, convenient and stress-free. One major advantage is that we can safely store your possessions for any period of time before we deliver, allowing you time to get settled and the ability to take your time finding the perfect new home. Simply arrange for a suitable time to have the storage box delivered to your home, pack your belongings into the box, lock it up and then call us to come pick it up again. The next time you see this box it will be at your new Sydney address. It really is as easy as that.



1.   Public Transport

Sydney has a fantastic public transport system that is comprised of a network of trains, buses and ferry services. Sydney’s smart card system, the Opal card, can be purchased at the Airport, Central Railway Station, various retailers around Sydney, or ordered online and is easily topped up with money to permit admission on any public transport facility. Tip: download the Sydney TripView app to see timetables and routes.


2.   Sydney is not cheap

If you’re moving interstate to Sydney, be prepared to pay a little more for everything. Sydney has been named one of the world’s most expensive cities to live in numerous times. Property prices in Sydney are among the highest in Australia with the median being $995,804 and the cost of rent being almost double what you would pay in neighbouring states.


3.   Laws

Sydney is known to be a bit of a Nanny State and has many restricting laws. To curb the excess drinking culture, lockout and ‘last drink’ laws have been enforced, for example in the nightlife hub of Kings Cross a lockout at 1.30 a.m has been implemented, which means no one can enter the club past this time. Smoking laws are also super strict and basically ban smoking in most public places, with fines being issued for those smoking near schools, train stations or public buildings. Speeding tickets are also handed out with ease and speeding cameras are frequently used.


But don’t let these deter you from moving to this wonderful city because the good aspects undoubtedly outweigh the bad.


4.   The Cityscape

It would be a challenge to try and find a city more beautiful than Sydney. The city is surrounded by blue waters and over 200kms of foreshore, in which pretty harbor islands are dotted and city side communities lie. This makes for picturesque views and a plethora of events.


5.   Beaches

Sydney is home to some of the most famous and most beautiful beaches in the world. A trip to Sydney wouldn’t be complete without visiting the iconic shores of Bondi. Sydney’s Northern Beaches are popular for water activities and are known for their surfing, kiting, canoeing, kayaking, snorkeling and stand up paddle boarding. Moving to Sydney means that these gorgeous beaches will be on your doorstep and their beautiful blue waters yours to play in whenever you please. With over 100 hundred beaches to see, all known for their different conditions and sceneries, living in Sydney is the only way to explore them all.


6.   Arts and Culture

There is always something to see and do in Sydney with exciting events occurring most days of the year. Sydney’s busy arts and cultural calendar is the envy of most other cities in Australia (and the world) and on any given day you can bet that there is a festival, gallery event, performance, theatre act, restaurant opening, exhibition, concert or event of some type happening.



If the alluring Sydney lifestyle has captured your heart and you’re looking to relocate, TAXIBOX can help. Our portable self-storage boxes make moving interstate easier than ever before. Better than a removalist or backloading service, our mobile storage boxes are the simplest way to move. For a quote or to learn more about our interstate moving services, click here or contact us today on 1300 87-60-87.

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