Lock Cut Form

Lost your keys? No problem! Simply complete our Online Lock Cut form and we'll do the rest.
Once we’ve received the form, one of our TAXIBOX team member will cut your lock upon re-delivery of your TAXIBOX or once you arrive at our facility. If you’re not at home for your re-delivery, we’ll place a new padlock on your TAXIBOX and leave the keys in your mailbox.

Part A: Authorisation To Remove Lock
Security question
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  • By completing this form you are requesting that the lock on your Storage Space(s) ('Space') be forcibly removed by TAXIBOX mobile self-storage.
  • You agree to pay an administrative fee of $10 per TAXIBOX.
  • Replacement padlocks will be supplied at a rate of $14.90 each. These are required if your TAXIBOX remains in storage or if you're not on-site for your re-delivery.
  • We assume your padlock can be cut with our equipment. If not, you'll need to make alternative arrangements and any charges will be refunded
Part B: Exemption Form

In relation to the removal and replacement of the lock on my Space, and the accompanying period during which my space is open, I agree to indemnify and keep indemnifying TAXIBOX mobile self-storage and/or its employees and agents from all claims for loss of or damage to goods stored in my Space.

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