TAXIBOX and One World Week at Monash University

Together with Red Bull, STA Travel and others, TAXIBOX mobile self-storage is pleased to announce its sponsorship of One World Week at Monash University.

TAXIBOX partnered with Monash University in an effort to highlight how students can benefit from its unique storage solution – the best storage solution for students in Melbourne. What sets TAXIBOX apart from regular, old-fashioned self-storage is that TAXIBOX delivers storage units (students’ personal TAXIBOXES) right to their doors at a convenient time and place. For students, this means:

  1. no ute or truck hire (great for the student without a drivers licence and the cost conscious)
  2. no driving out to storage facilities (a great time saver for students under pressure)
  3. no unloading (saving students time and hassle)
  4. no mover hire (saving students money again!)

In particular, TAXIBOXES are perfect for students when:

  1. returning to their home country
  2. looking to store furniture over the summer holiday
  3. traveling around Australia
  4. needing to de-clutter
  5. in between moves

As part of its support, TAXIBOX mobile self-storage will provide Monash University with TAXIBOXES to store logistical equipment for the week of the event. The TAXIBOXES will be kept outside (protected from rain by its heavy duty weatherproof cover) and will be used to store a range of equipment including kitchen equipment and audio visual equipment. The key advantage of TAXIBOX mobile self-storage here over other types of storage is its mobility – with TAXIBOX, the equipment is able to be stored adjacent to the staging area of One World Week making setting up for the activities each day much more efficient.

For more info about One World Week see here!

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