TAXIBOX vs traditional self storage

TAXIBOX can save you up to 60% off traditional self-storage costs – we know you’ll agree that you have better ways to spend your money and time!

Traditional Self Storage TAXIBOX Mobile self-storage
1 Book and call to reserve a unit Book and call to reserve a unit
2 Call and reserve a rental truck or a removalist. Pay the rental company or the removalist. Your TAXIBOX(ES) will be delivered to your door. Pack it at your own pace and lock it when done.
3 Pick up the rental truck. Finished! TAXIBOX will pick up your TAXIBOX(ES) and store it for you in their secure storage facility.
4 Load the rental truck, or watch your belongings get loaded for you. Chances are you will now be paying an hourly rate. For re-delivery, simply repeat these steps in reverse. Easy!
5 Drive your belongings to a rental facility. What is that hourly rate again?
6 Unload the rental truck, or get the removalist to unload it for you. Yep, you are probably still on an hourly rate.
7 Move your belongings to your storage unit down long, shared hallways. Hourly rate still applies.
8 Load your belongings into your storage unit. Hope that your belongings fit into the storage unit you estimated as the right size.
9 If you have paid for a rental truck, buy petrol and return the truck to the rental company.
10 Repeat these steps in reverse when you want your belongings redelivered.

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