The Great Sydney Exodus?

3 Reasons why TAXIBOX customers are packing up and moving across Australia.


Since we began offering the option for customers to pack their homes into a TAXIBOX and move interstate, we’ve found more and more people are setting their sights away from Sydney. So much so that, since the start of 2018, 1 in 7 TAXIBOXES booked in Sydney are shipping their owner’s treasured belongings out of state. Whereas the people of Brisbane and Melbourne are in no rush to leave their (sometimes) sunny homes. Here is a graph – because everyone loves a good graph.



But the beaches… The food… The opera house! How could anyone want to leave the greatest city in the world?! Well, we investigated this and asked some customers why they were switching those sunny beaches for the cooler climes of Melbourne, or smaller cities like Brisbane.


1. Working in the City

Work was one of the major factors in sparking our customers’ moves. With increasing flexibility to where people can work, the reliance on inner-city offices is reducing. The morning rush-hour slog to get into the city is no longer an unpleasant necessity. Working from home, or remotely from shared office spaces, are making people seriously question the benefits of working in central Sydney.


2. Rising Housing Prices

Sydney house prices were also a big player in people’s decision to re-locate. The dramatic increase in household and rental pricing over recent years have meant that eager home owners looking to fly the nest are searching further afield for cheaper housing. While Melbourne and Brisbane properties are following a similar upward trend, they’re still seen as the more affordable option.


3. Lack of Space

Putting city rivalries aside, there is no denying that Sydney is a busy city, with busy people. If you’ve ever felt like living in Sydney means living on top of one another, you’re not alone. Those we’re helping to re-locate state that a lack of space (both physical and head space) is a serious drain on their happiness. When compared to the beach-siders of Brisbane and the coffee-drinkers of Melbourne, it’s hard not to see the appeal.


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