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While it’s common knowledge that the cost of living in Sydney is extremely high, it has made way for landlords to almost extort renters. The average rent for most suburbs of Sydney are higher than $500 a week, when put into monthly figures it can be quite intimidating. Here’s one of the extreme cases where a landlord is asking $200 a week for a room the size of a wardrobe. There’s not enough room to swing a cat let alone have a bedroom which couldn’t hold more than just a bed. Although this ad was ridiculed by Facebook users about the price and size what we find ridiculous about this is that it’s not ridiculous that someone will most likely rent this room for this price. A cheaper and more spacious alternative would be to rent a TAXIBOX and park it in the driveway for $129 a month than to rent this room.


People Leaving Sydney

Are people falling out of love with Sydney or is Sydney simply squeezing the life out of it inhabitants? People are ditching Sydney in the search for a better work-life balance. The hours needed to work is proving too much for some, not just work but the commute to and from work (with the average person spending more than 5 hours a week on their commute).  Sydneysiders no longer feel that they are getting value for their money, needing to comprise on location, size and quality.

When comparing what your money will get you to other cities it’s not difficult to see why people are pulling up stumps in Sydney in search of something new.


Price Comparison

For the price of renting this tiny room in Bondi here is a list of how else you can spend your money:

  • 6 Months of storage for 1 TAXIBOX
  • 1 Month of storage for 8 TAXIBOXES
  • Moving a TAXIBOX from Syd – Melb
  • 73 Padlocks
  • 670 meters of bubble wrap
  • Return Flights to Hawaii
  • 10 Days at Disneyland
  • A puppy
  • 5,300 Oreos


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