Packing Boxes and Other Supplies

Packing boxes? Why do we do it?

Moving can be a stressful time. It can take hours packing boxes. Having said that, the most infuriating time is when you unpack your boxes to find your favourite vase, or your best set of crockery…. broken! Apart from keeping your valuables intact, a well-packed box will prevent dirt, dust or creepy-crawlies finding a way in.


What supplies do we need?

There are loads of packing supplies that should be considered when packing your boxes. A great idea is to wrap your fragile family photos in bubble wrap before placing them in the box. Then, when it comes time to open the box, you’ll have your photos intact. And who doesn’t love popping those little bubbles?


In addition to the bubble wrap, butcher’s paper is very useful. When packing boxes, there will always be some gaps. This means there is potential for your goods to move around, which could also lead to breakage. Why not scrunch up some butcher’s paper and stick it in the empty spaces? It’s just another way to avoid an unwanted surprise when you open your boxes.


What boxes do we need?

Without good quality packing boxes, you’ll require a whole lot more bubble wrap and butcher’s paper! Make sure to use the correct box to carry certain items. Second-hand boxes can lead to trouble so when carrying heavy or delicate items, make sure to put them in a new, sturdier box. While the supermarket gets its fruit delivered in a box, it’s not always a good idea to get the box from them to help with your packing. Especially if you’re packing your tv…

TAXIBOX offers small boxes (390mm x 306mm x 260mm durable double wall carton), medium boxes (431mm x 406mm x 298mm durable double wall carton), large boxes (431mm x 406mm x 596mm durable triple wall carton) and port-a-robe boxes (595mm x 479mm x 1106mm durable triple wall carton) for sale meaning we have boxes for every occasion. For a full list of our packing boxes click here. We also have a range of discounted packing supply value packs which include packing boxes for you to choose from which will cover a wide range of your storage needs.


How do we seal the boxes?

The way you seal your packing box is just as important as the box you use to pack your goods. You can never use too much tape, so make sure you seal the top and bottom of every box. Sealing all the flaps in a criss-cross fashion is the best way to ensure that your important belongings don’t get damaged in transit.

You should also think about how you are going to store your boxes. Ask yourself how easy you want to make it to get to your goods. To make it more simple, you have a couple of options:

  • Place the most used items towards the top of the box, so you don’t need to go digging deep to find them, or
  • Pack the least used items in one box, put it out of the way, and have separate packing boxes to carry the things you use most.


Finally, the last thing to consider when packing boxes, is the weight of the box once it’s full. Heavier pieces such as bottles of wine should go in smaller boxes, but you can put your fluffy toys in the bigger ones. This makes moving heavier (usually more fragile) boxes safer, with less chance of breakage.

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