The Importance of Packing Supplies

Packing supplies are very important for making your next move into storage as easy and safe as possible. Easy – because packing supplies help you to organise your belongings and to carry them to the storage module. And safe because packing supplies help to ensure your goods are returned in their original condition. Here are some ways you can use packing supplies in your next move and storage:

  1. BOXES – provide greater protection for your belongings and will make loading and unloading your TAXIBOX easier. Fill each box to its capacity, using packing paper or fillers to eliminate empty spaces. This will ensure that items don’t move during transit by carefully restricting their movement.
  2. MATTRESS COVER – you don’t want your mattress getting dirty and neither do we! Use a mattress cover for preventing your mattress from getting dirty.
  3. MOVING BLANKETS AND BUBBLE WRAP – an excellent way to protect your furniture from rubbing together when in transit. Great as well for protecting fragile corners in your move into storage.
  4. PACKING TAPE – for greater protection, packing tape can be used on the bottom of boxes for added strength and on the top to seal them shut. Packing tape can also be used to tape drawers close so they don’t open unexpectedly during transit.
  5. MARKER PEN – for labelling boxes so that they are readily identifiable when it comes time to unpacking.

TAXIBOX has all the packing supplies you will need for the safe storage and moving of your belongings. Order at the same time as you order your TAXIBOX and these can be delivered at the same time as your TAXIBOX with no delivery charge. Click here for a list of packing supplies we can provide or call us on 1300 87-60-87 and one our friendly staff will be happy to assist.

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