Interstate State Of Mind

Moving interstate can be mentally ROUGH.

Buuuuut, moving interstate is also super exciting.

New places, new things, new people. It’s like you’re getting the eagerly anticipated “YOUR LIFE: THE SEQUEL” to enjoy, where you don’t get banned from the local bowling club for bowling overarm.


So, we’re here to help you focus on all the good stuff of relocating, rather than the pests of moving past which made you question your sanity levels for deciding to do this.

You got this, and we’ve got you! 🫶🏻 Awww.

We know…moving and chilling doesn’t usually go together, but we’re not your usual moving business. Even business sounds too formal. We’re more of a moving movement*.


*DEFINITELY NOT A CULT. (But we are charismatic.)

So, treat your brain to three deep breaths 😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨. And for extra stubborn brain complaints, try listening to some whale noises. Or even better, some whales-in-a-rainforest noises… if that exists?

Anyway, here’s some TAXIBOX-certified tips to look on the bright side of shifting your entire life across the country.

Good Mood Board


Warning: this sounds like a weird craft thing for nerds. But stay with us. After making your decision to take yourself on a brand-new adventure, get yourself a cheap cork board to plaster with good vibes.

It could be work related, like: “I’ll never have to inhale Tim from Finance’s microwave fish every lunch break”. Or it can be lifestyle related, like “I can invent a totally new back story based on my favourite movie, Ghostbusters”. You can also stick-up pics of places (bars/pubs/taverns) you’re hanging to visit in your new city, so when the fear kicks in – you can instead picture yourself kicking back in your new haunt.

The Purge


Stuff is great and all, but stuff has this brilliant ability to turn into trash over time. (Sorcery? Most likely.) So before you start packing, start slashing by getting rid of all the stuff you don’t want, use, or mysteriously turned up one morning after a night out.

It’s surprisingly therapeutic to offload your ab-rocker to a neighbour who doesn’t want it either. Tip: make it seem like a gift, so they’d feel too guilty to refuse your extreme generosity.

And don’t be afraid to be harsh with your culling. Yeah, stuff is nice to have, but space is even nicerer. Also, you can always get stuff back if you truly miss your collection of, ah, “vintage magazines”.

Bribe Yourself


Always accept bribes from yourself when you’re in the process of moving. As a good ol’ fashioned bribe isn’t just useful in Bali but can also motivate yourself to take on those tasks you’re sure are impossible. Pizza is always a good bribe. So, tell yourself if you pack a certain number of boxes, you get yourself a home delivered box full of pizza.

And remember – you can complety shut down your brain with overwhelment pains if you think you have to do everything all at once. So just like eating a medium-sized planet, take it one small bite (box) at a time.

Use Somebody Else’s Lounge Room


Your own lounge room can become, well, not suited for lounging. So, borrow somebody else’s! If you don’t know somebody else, pubs make a fine substitute. There’s usually heaps of space, heaps of TV, heaps of food, and heaps of beer.

You may even find a new friend to trick into helping you lift heavy stuff!

Don’t Forget To Move Yourself

While you’re turbo focused on preparing to move everything else, don’t forget to move yourself. A short stroll, swim, or public bodybuilding display at your nearest outdoor gym should do the trick.

Basically, air out your brain every few hours so anxiety demons don’t get a chance to move in. (They partially hate sunshine.)



Think good thoughts and be kind to yourself. But, if that occasionally fails, we’re here to talk you through it and help out with any moving situation that has you stumped. Like Voltron, when we team up – we form an unbeatable force in interstate relocations. Go team!

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