TAXIBOX on-site storage is stronger, sturdier and secure-er. We’ll give you more space at your place while you’re renovating, remodelling or just reimagining…

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How does it work?

We deliver

Stay put. We’ll deliver your TAXIBOX to wherever you need it.

You pack

Pack it, lock it & store it for easy access for as long as you need.

We collect

Job done! Celebrate by letting us collect your empty TAXIBOX.

TAXIBOX turns stuff into space

TAXIBOX turns stuff into space

… so you can focus on getting the job done.

  • Renovations
  • Construction Jobs
  • Event Storage
  • Extra Space
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TAXIBOX on-site storage. It's the smart choice

100% storage, 0% hassle

On-site storage means we deliver to your doorstep for you to keep at yours so you can get on with the good stuff.

The secure, strong, silent type

Industrial quality durability & security all wrapped up in a rock-solid steel structure. Keep our On-site TAXIBOX outside—rain, hail or shine—for as long as you need.

Save a tonne of money

Short or long term storage options starting from a simple $149 per month. Save on driving to storage facilities and vehicle hire costs. And we offer a best price guarantee too.

Size DOES matter

TAXIBOXES are 2.4m long x 2.2m high x 1.5m wide & can be delivered into the toughest of spots, using our unique all-terrain delivery method.

A+ communicators

Our real-time, live driver tracking means you can see our every move. Spend less time thinking about us and more time getting on with the job.

Optional helping-hands

Let us do the heavy lifting by combining your TAXIBOX with removalists. You’ll save big bucks & bad backs.