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Question 1:    What is mobile self-storage and what are the advantages over traditional self storage?

Answer 1:  Mobile self-storage is just like regular self storage, except it’s mobile! This makes it more convenient, and cost-effective than self storage. For a description of the process and reasons why mobile storage is the storage solution for you, click here.

Question 2:    Is TAXIBOX’s mobile self-storage more expensive than traditional self storage?

Answer 2:  Definitely not! In fact, TAXIBOX is cheaper and much more convenient. TAXIBOX eliminates many costs associated with traditional self storage such as the need to hire a driver with truck or ute and other costs such as movers are optional. Plus, with TAXIBOX’s Best Price Guarantee, you know that you are getting the cheapest rates!

Question 3:    How do I prepare and pack my belongings for transit?

Answer 10:  Check out our preparation guide for loading your TAXIBOX here. We’ve also included a quick guide on the back wall of every TAXIBOX. Plus if you want to see us in action talking about how to prepare your items for storage and how to pack your TAXIBOX , please click here.

Question 4:    How big is a TAXIBOX?

Answer 4:  Our TAXIBOXES are just the right size! Each TAXIBOX typically accommodates an average room to a room and a half of household belongings and are perfect for furniture storage. (They easily fit large furniture e.g a king size mattress!) Each TAXIBOX is BIG – 2.4m long, 1.5m wide and 2.2m high externally or 2.32m long, 1.46m wide and 1.98m high internally. TAXIBOXES also have a large door for easy access and can hold up to 1 tonne of weight. Wondering how much can fit in 1 TAXIBOX – check out our video here. For more space, simply order more TAXIBOXES! We will not charge for any TAXIBOXES that are delivered but unused.

Question 5:    What is the TAXIBOX made out of?

Answer 5:  Our TAXIBOXES are built to last – they are thick, solid and extremely secure. TAXIBOXES have been custom built from the ground up after significant research into industry best practice standards. We have used a high quality wood composite which is proven to be a stable and durable material to transport and store your belongings in – the moving industry has been moving your belongings in boxes like these for the last 75 years. The wood composite used breathes much better than steel containers reducing the chance for mold and mildew. Click here to find out more about the TAXIBOX.

Question 6:    Is my TAXIBOX weather resistant?

Answer 6:  Yes – your TAXIBOX is covered with a highly durable, weather-resistant cover when outside our storage facility. TAXIBOXES also rest off the ground to ensure that your belongings are safe and dry should it rain while your TAXIBOX is outside of our secure storage facility.

Question 7:    Is my TAXIBOX secure while on my property?

Answer 7:  Yes – you will lock your TAXIBOX and you (and only you!) will hold the keys. TAXIBOX employees do not keep the keys to your lock, only you do! Plus we have a-state-of-the-art security system at our storage facility. We also undertake fire audits and conduct regular pest control and less loading and reloading means less potential for damage to your belongings.

Question 8:    How many TAXIBOXES will I need?

Answer 8:  Generally, you will need 1 TAXIBOX for every 1 – 1.5 rooms of furniture – see our guide here. If in doubt as to how many TAXIBOXES you will need, you can always order more rather than less as you won’t pay for a delivered TAXIBOX unless you use it! Alternatively, feel free to call one of our customer service representatives who can help you answer this question.

Question 9:    Where will my TAXIBOX be delivered?

Answer 9:  Each TAXIBOX will be placed at the location of your choice! You can specify the exact location as long as the space can comfortably fit an average car. That is, wherever you would find to be the most convenient for loading and/or unloading, e.g. on the street or driveway. You can get more detail about this by clicking here.

Question 10: When can I access my TAXIBOX?

Answer 10:  You can access your TAXIBOX 6 days a week. During the week we are open from 9 AM – 530 PM and on Saturday from 9AM – 2PM. Please remember to provide at least 24 hours notice (within business hours) . Organising access is as easy as clicking here. Note that TAXIBOX closes on public holidays and between Christmas and New Year – please click here for holiday dates.

Question 11:  How much does a TAXIBOX cost?

Answer 11:  Our rates are shown here. Alternatively, fill in the “Request a Quote” form on the right hand side or call us on 1300 87-60-87 for an obligation free quote .

Question 12:  How do I pay for my TAXIBOXES?

Answer 12:  TAXIBOX has a dedicated secure automatic payment system set up through which you can pay by credit card. Other payment methods include direct debit or direct transfer. When you place your order, you will be charged the first month’s rent and packing supplies if applicable. On the same day each month thereafter, we will charge you the monthly rent. Click here for more details.

Question 13:  Is my reservation deposit refundable?

Answer 13:  We understand that the best of plans change and will therefore happily refund your reservation deposit provided you notify us of your decision to cancel more than 7 days in advance of your day of delivery. Please click here for details.

Question 14:  If I empty my TAXIBOX at the TAXIBOX storage facility will a re-delivery fee still apply?

Answer 14:  For each TAXIBOX that has been stored with us, a check-out fee may be payable at the end of your storage term if you would like to collect the contents of your TAXIBOX from our storage facility. Check-out fees are just $59 per TAXIBOX delivered and stored for less than 6 months or FREE after 6 months of storage! This is discounted from the standard re-delivery fee and is applied because there is considerable work for us in getting your TAXIBOXES ready for check-out even if we aren’t required to deliver them to you.

Question 15:  How much time do I have to load/unload my TAXIBOX?

Answer 15:  With a TAXIBOX placed on private property you can load at your leisure! We will pick it up when you are ready and store it in our secure storage facility. For more information about other delivery options please click here.

Question 16:  Will TAXIBOX load my TAXIBOX for me?

Answer 16:  Mover hire is available for an extra charge – visit our removalist page (www.taxibox.com.au/removalists) or click here for more information.

Question 17:  Where can TAXIBOXES be placed?

Answer 17:  Your TAXIBOX can be placed virtually anywhere on or around your property! A TAXIBOX can fit into any space that can fit an average sized car. TAXIBOXES can even be delivered in time limited parking and access areas. You can get more detail about this by clicking here.

Question 18:  I’m thinking of moving to a regional/rural location, can you help?

Answer 18:  Currently TAXIBOX offers delivery within a limited metro area of the cities we operate in, and generally aren’t able to service regional/rural areas. The best way to check is to get a quote with the postcode for that location by clicking here. If pricing doesn’t show, then please feel free to give us a call on 1300 87-60-87 to see
if we can help, but we may not service your area. This includes regional areas along our interstate transport routes as our interstate trucks are not equipped to load/drop off TAXIBOXES. Many customers in this case still use us for storage or moving at incredibly competitive prices, but simply collect their belongings from one of our convenient facilities!

Question 19:  Are there any items I cannot put in my TAXIBOX?

Answer 19:  Yes – for safety reasons you cannot store any of the following items:

    • Flammable or hazardous goods
    • Firearms, munitions or explosives
    • Toxic, polluted or contaminated goods
    • Expandable plastics (e.g. foam mattresses)
    • Living plants or animals
    • Food or perishable goods
    • Illegal goods
    • Waste


Question 20:  What about insurance?

Answer 20:  TAXIBOX carries our own insurance but it is your responsibility to insure your belongings.Click here for details.

Question 21:  Do you give discounts if I get multiple TAXIBOXES?
Answer 21:  Yes – Please call us on 1300 87-60-87 for details.

Question 22:  Can I leave my TAXIBOXES at my house for on-site storage?

Answer 22:  Of course! TAXIBOX has an ideal solution for on-site storage – click here to find out more.

Question 23:  What happens if I don’t get my TAXIBOXES packed in time?

Answer 23:  Call us to reschedule! We try to be as flexible as possible so as long as you give us plenty of notice we will do our best to accommodate you. There are fees payable in certain circumstances – click here for an explanation of when these charges apply.  Alternatively feel free to book in for access and keep packing at our facility!

Question 24:  Can I return my moving blankets at the end of the service?

Answer 24:  Yep. We can refund $5 for each blanket returned as long as they are in good condition (not wet, torn, or damaged). All you need to do at the end of your storage term is drop the blankets back at our facility and we’ll organise a refund back into your account.

Question 25:  How do I organise re-delivery of my TAXIBOXES and how much notice do I need to give?

Answer 25:  Organising re-delivery of your TAXIBOXES is easy! Simply fill in our quick online re-delivery request form available on our website here: www.taxibox.com.au/exit . One of our TAXIBOX team members will then confirm your re-delivery by return email. Please be sure to give us at least 7 days notice for return of your TAXIBOX and the more notice the better, particularly if you would like your TAXIBOXES re-delivered around holidays such as Christmas and Easter.

Question 26:  Do you offer regular self-storage as well as mobile self-storage?

Answer 26:  Yep – we sure do! You can check in/out directly at any of our mobile self-storage facilities (drive up access is available) PLUS, we recently introduced our flagship fixed local storage facility in Mordialloc, Victoria, offering a wide variety of storage options – regular self-storage, boats, caravans & car storage, commercial storage and a whole bunch more.

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