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Need self storage Adelaide-wide or anywhere in Australia? TAXIBOX is here to help! We simplify self storage by coming to you, making it a stress-free experience. Scroll down to see how our mobile storage is shaking up the game!

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TAXIBOX - Mobile storage, On-site Storage and Cool Storage

Storage that comes to you

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We deliver

Stay put… we’ll deliver your TAXIBOX wherever you want.

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You/we pack

Take your time… pack and lock your TAXIBOX, or let us lend a hand.

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We store

All done… we’ll collect and store your TAXIBOX at our storage facility.

Mobile storage delivered virtually anywhere.

Adelaide, it’s time to simplify your storage with TAXIBOX! Our service delivers mobile storage right to your location, taking the pain out of storing and moving your belongings. Ideal for both residential and commercial needs, we make sure accessing your stuff is as easy as can be. Get ready to enjoy storage without the stress!

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Packing’s the first step, and it’s gotta be snazzy! We’ve lined up all the primo packing essentials you could need. And the best part? We deliver directly to you, with or without a TAXIBOX. Let the packing begin!

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Adelaide loves a TAXIBOX

100% Storage and no hassle

Great storage, zero hassle

Like regular storage but so much better, easier and fun-er. We come to you, so you can get on with the good stuff.

Helping hands available

Take a (further) load off

Let us do the heavy lifting by combining your TAXIBOX storage unit with our removalists. It will save you big bucks and bad backaches.

Save a ton of time with TAXIBOX Mobile Storage

Made for bargain lovers

Forget bucks spent on trucks. TAXIBOX comes directly to you with great rates, no hidden fees, no long-term commitments and a best price guarantee.

Size matter

Size DOES matter

Not to brag, but every TAXIBOX holds around 1-1.5 rooms of furniture, about 120 archive boxes, up to 1 tonne of weight—and they fit into an average sized car space.

Easy access

Access without the fuss

Wanna visit your TAXIBOX? No worries! Give us a bit of warning and we’ll make sure your TAXIBOX is looking spiffy for your reunion.

TAXIBOXES are weatherproof and made tough

We’re the strong, silent type

Every TAXIBOX is raised off the ground, made from tough, durable wood composite structure and wrapped with a heavy-duty weatherproof cover to keep your stuff mould and mildew free.

Book your TAXIBOX today

Book your TAXIBOX today

Planning a move or renovating? TAXIBOX is your hero for mobile storage across Adelaide. Book now to see how simple and cost-effective it is to declutter. We have options for every budget. Clear out the clutter and enjoy the good stuff – leave the storage to us!

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How to secure self storage Adelaide service for your valuables

You’ll never realise the magic of a self storage Adelaide service until it’s time to stash your treasures during a move or home renovation. Enter TAXIBOX, your trusty sidekick in the world of storage solutions. Here’s what you need to do to secure your storage solutions. 

Step #1: Choose your ideal self storage solution.

Choosing the best self storage Adelaide service isn’t just about space – it’s about convenience, security and accessibility. You can skip searching for ‘how to find self storage near me’. Whether you’re moving, decluttering or just needing a bit more room, TAXIBOX has a temporary storage solution tailored for every scenario.

Here are your options:

  • Mobile storage. We deliver this affordable self storage Adelaide TAXIBOX right to your door; you load it up at your pace, then we store it securely. Need your stuff back? A quick call, and we’ll have it back to you. If you’re moving, we can even deliver your TAXIBOX to your new place!
  • On-site storage. Keep a TAXIBOX on your property for easy access. This is great if you’re remodelling, doing construction jobs or just needing extra space. 
  • Cool storage. Hosting an event or needing to keep things chill? Our cool storage options ensure your items stay in prime condition.
Step #2: Secure a TAXIBOX booking.

Booking self storage Adelaide-wide is a breeze. Choose from our storage solutions online and type in your delivery address. Our system whips up a personalised quote in seconds. Like what you see? Just enter your contact and payment details, and you’re all set.

Plus, you’ll love our free delivery service! We’ll deliver your TAXIBOX Mobile Storage Adelaide-wide. As with our mobile storage Gold Coast-wide, our self storage solutions in Adelaide mean you don’t have to worry about renting a truck, driving out to facilities or dealing with dark hallways. Just storage delivered to you. 

Step #3: Pack your valuables.

Packing isn’t just about stowing things away in your self storage Adelaide TAXIBOX – it’s about keeping your treasures secure. Use these tips to pack like a pro, whether you’re in Adelaide or have booked a storage Brisbane service: 

  • Break down big items. Disassemble large furniture pieces. Wrap each part to protect against scratches or other damage.
  • Label everything. Clearly label each packing box with its contents and which room it belongs to. 
  • Use professional supplies. Take advantage of TAXIBOX’s high-quality packing supplies, including durable canisters, tape and protective wraps, to ensure your belongings are snug and safe.
Step #4: Utilise our protective features.

Whether you’re storing heirlooms or paperwork, our protective measures for our cheap storage Adelaide solutions are designed to keep your items safe and secure. Rest easy knowing our facilities are monitored around the clock with cutting-edge surveillance and alarm systems.

Plus, you can enjoy enhanced protection with Protect+. With this extra coverage, your belongings are shielded against theft, fire, accidental damage and even natural disasters like floods and storms. It ensures the security of your items while maintaining their condition while under our care. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do self storage facilities in Adelaide offer 24/7 access?

If you book our TAXIBOX Mobile Storage, you can access your items easily – just let us know through a quick form at least one business day before. You’ll be able to access your TAXIBOX six days a week from 8.00am to 3.00pm Monday to Friday and from 8.00am to 1.00pm on Saturdays (AEST). Please note that we are closed on Sundays and public holidays. 

We understand that you might need to access your belongings at any time, day or night. Our TAXIBOX On-Site Storage might fit your needs! You can keep your TAXIBOX on your property and access it at any time with your own padlock. Now that’s storage Perth locals can recommend!

What are the payment options for self storage in Adelaide?

Paying for your self storage unit rental prices is just as easy as using the service:

  • Cards. We take Visa, MasterCard and American Express. This is the easiest way to pay. By providing your credit card details, we can automatically process your credit card on a monthly basis.
  • Bank transfers. You can directly transfer payments from your bank.
  • ZipPay. We’ve partnered with ZipPay to allow you to buy the things you love today (including storage!) and pay for them over time, interest-free.
  • Online payments. Securely manage your payments through the TAXIBOX customer portal. 

Can I transfer to a different self storage unit size if needed?

We want to take out the guesswork of storage sizes, so our TAXIBOXES come in one size: big! Our TAXIBOXES are all 2.4 m long, 1.5 m wide and 2.2 m high externally or 2.32 m long, 1.46 m wide and 2 m high internally. If you need more space, you can always order an extra TAXIBOX. If you don’t use it, you don’t pay for it.

Plus, we offer solutions outside Adelaide, serving many locations across Australia! 

TAXIBOX: Simplifying storage solutions

Since 2010, TAXIBOX has been revolutionising storage by delivering it right to your doorstep. Fuss and muss-free – just easy, breezy storage solutions that fit your life. Whether you’re clearing clutter at home or need extra space at the office, we bring the storage to you!

Our TAXIBOXES are big, bold and secure, designed to make your life simpler. Our friendly TAXIBOX family is always ready to help, powered by smart tech to keep things smooth. 

Whether you need self storage Sydney-wide, self storage Adelaide-wide or other storage solutions across Australia, we’ve got you covered. With competitive pricing, real-time tracking, free access at our facility and convenient mobile storage solutions, storing stuff has never felt so stress-free. 

Got clutter? Get freedom. Book a TAXIBOX now!