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On-site Storage

Keep your stuff safe with storage that comes and stays with you 'till the job's done. Perfect for peace of mind and valuable space.

Cool Storage

Stay chill with our temperature-controlled storage that’s delivered right where and when you need it. It’s the perfect way to keep your cool.

TAXIBOX Cool Storage

Mobile Storage

The strong, silent types, our mobile storage TAXIBOXES come to you. Once packed, they're picked up and stored at our secure facilities.

TAXIBOX Mobile Storage
TAXIBOX Cool Storage
TAXIBOX Mobile Storage

Commercial serviceThat's the business

Here when you need us

You get a person on the line when you need them. You get an online portal for bookings on the fly.

There when it counts

You get the right TAXIBOX in the right place at the right time.

Change when it suits

Change your mind and your booking when your business needs change with no fees.

Scaled to make sense

However many boxes you need, whatever use patterns you evolve, we scale with you.

TAXIBOX delivered 20 clean, easy to use units allowing us to scale down and up as our storage requirements varied and communication was excellent the whole way through. Highly recommend!

Anglicare / Aged-care and community services

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