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TAXIBOX - Mobile storage, On-site Storage and Cool Storage

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Dedicated account management

A dedicated account manager focused on finding solutions to suit your business, available over the phone anytime you need.

Premium priority for bookings

Guarantee your storage needs are the top priority. Get your TAXIBOX delivered where and when you need it, even on our busy days.

Competitive commercial rates

Competitive rates for your TAXIBOX bookings, reserved exclusively for our commercial clients.

No complicated lock in contracts

Business storage made simple. No lock-in contracts necessary, with monthly payments available.

Extended trading terms

Trading terms to suit your business, with 30-day trading options available.

Zero joining fees

No funny charges or hidden fees. Becoming a commercial customer is easy – sign up today.

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TAXIBOX On-site Storage

On-site Storage

Keep your stuff safe with storage that comes and stays with you 'till the job's done. Perfect for peace of mind and valuable space.

TAXIBOX Cool Storage

Cool Storage

Stay chill with our temperature-controlled storage that’s delivered right where and when you need it. It’s the perfect way to keep your cool.

TAXIBOX Mobile Storage

Mobile Storage

The strong, silent types, our mobile storage TAXIBOXES come to you. Once packed, they're picked up and stored at our secure facilities.

TAXIBOX On-site Storage
TAXIBOX Cool Storage
TAXIBOX Mobile Storage

All-new bluetooth locking

TAXIBOX Bluetooth locks

All-new bluetooth locking

A new era of access, flexibility, and transparency. Available now when you book TAXIBOX On-Site Storage, limited stock available.

  • Solid steel shrouded locks
  • Grant and revoke ‘keys’ remotely
  • View detailed access history
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Common Questions

What is TAXIBOX Commercial Storage?

TAXIBOX is simple commercial storage that means business! Here, you’re the BOSS. Just tell us what you need and we’ll deliver it where and when you need it, even on our busy days. Rent a robust commercial storage unit without any hassle, and safely store your inventory, equipment, and other business must-haves on site at the office or in our secure facilities nationwide.

Whether you’re shaping the future in education, laying foundations in construction, or crafting dream homes in real estate, we have a wide selection of storage solutions for you – including Mobile Storage, On-Site Storage, and Cool Storage.

How does Commercial Storage work?

TAXIBOX provides tailored commercial storage solutions right at your fingertips. Whether you need cool storage for a catering event or a secure warehouse for a last-minute shipment of stock, we pull up to your office, home, or wherever you are, delivering secure space when you need it.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Get Set Up: Fill in our contact form below and a dedicated account manager will contact you to help you find a solution to suit your business needs
  2. We Deliver: Once you have a commercial storage unit selected, make your booking and we’ll pull up to your place with one, two, or however many TAXIBOXES you need
  3. Store It: Load and pack, or let our expert removalists handle the heavy lifting for you. Once packed, we pick up your unit and store it at our secure facilities or you can keep it with you until you’re done

Try our Storage Calculator to find the right storage unit size for your business, be it cool, mobile, or on-site storage!

What's the difference between TAXIBOX vs traditional business storage?

Traditional storage often binds you to fixed locations and strict access hours, and involves the hassle of lugging your belongings back and forth to a facility. Not with TAXIBOX! We bring seamless, secure, and stress-free commercial storage right to your doorstep. Here are a few key differences that make TAXIBOX’s business storage a no-brainer:

Traditional Commercial Storage

  • Fixed Locations: Located at specific, sometimes inconvenient facilities, traditional storage limits your flexibility and options
  • Strict Access Hours: Time-bound! Access is restricted to pre-determined hours, making spontaneous visits or late-night runs impossible
  • Transport Hassles: The burden of transporting belongings falls squarely on your shoulders, meaning multiple trips, vehicle rentals, and added fuel costs
  • Unexpected Expenses: Extra charges for access and other hidden fees can quickly destroy your budget

TAXIBOX Commercial Storage

  • Doorstep Delivery: Forget the hassle of driving up and down to a facility. We bring your TAXIBOX straight to your door. Our expert removalists are also on hand to take care of the heavy lifting for you
  • Variety of Solutions: Need mobile, on-site, or cool storage units? We have them all!
  • Secure and Robust: Our TAXIBOXES are ultra secure, keeping your belongings safe and sound. You lock it and you keep the key!
  • Flexible Contracts: Short-term or long-term, our contracts flex to fit your needs. No lock-in contracts necessary, with monthly payments available
  • Cost-Efficient: No more burning fuel or paying over the odds! Get competitive rates for your TAXIBOX bookings, reserved exclusively for our commercial clients

See the differences for yourself! Visit a TAXIBOX facility near you in Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth, or Sydney, and find out how our commercial storage units are changing the game for businesses across Australia.

Why use commercial storage?

For the movers, shakers, and groundbreakers, TAXIBOX commercial storage units offer versatile storage spaces to give your business the breathing room to thrive. We are the top choice for all kinds of industries in Australia. Here are just a few that benefit from our innovative self storage solutions:

Construction & Trades

Construction sites and trade businesses turn to TAXIBOX for storing those hefty tools, materials, and equipment right on site. No more hauling back and forth every day—just lock up your commercial storage space (at your place or ours) and find it all there when you get back!

Retailers & E-Commerce

Product overflow or seasonal stock? For retailers and e-commerce stores, TAXIBOX storage units provide a flexible space to keep extra stock safe and sound until it’s ready to hit the shelves or be shipped out.

Event Planners

Event planners can safely stash away all those decorations, props, and event essentials in our secure commercial storage spaces. No complicated lock-in contracts or joining fees mean you can store for one event or as long as you need.

Offices & Corporates

Offices can have a secure spot to keep their extra chairs, desks, and valuable documents, all while keeping costs down with our competitive storage pricing and monthly rates. Store everything you need on site and access your things whenever you like!

Real Estate

For those selling dreams and homes! Real estate agencies can utilise TAXIBOX for storing staging furniture, documents, and promotional materials.

How secure is TAXIBOX storage units?

TAXIBOX commercial storage spaces are designed with the resilience, robustness, and security that your business needs. With us, it’s not just about storing stock or equipment efficiently; it’s also about knowing your belongings are secure and accessible when you need them.

Tough & Durable: TAXIBOXES are tough, secure, and robust. Once locked and loaded, your unit is kept at your location or returned to our secure, five-star storage facility

All-New Bluetooth Locking: A new era of access, flexibility, and transparency, featuring solid shrouded steel locks with digital keys that allow you to grant and revoke access remotely

Fully Weatherproof: Our on-site storage units feature a sturdy steel construction and have rubber-sealed doors to protect your valuable items from rain, hail, and the sweltering summer sun

Not sure what all you can fit in? Use our easy space calculator to find the perfect storage unit size for your stuff.

If you need more space, simply call us up and we’ll zip over with one, two, three, or however many TAXIBOXES you need. Now, that’s service!

Which areas do we serve?

Searching for a TAXIBOX facility near you? You don’t have to look far! We’re located in major regions across Australia, whether you need commercial storage units in Adelaide or ultra cool storage for your end-of-year bash in Brisbane.

Find a TAXIBOX near you:

Check out any of our 📍 9 locations and book a tour to see what TAXIBOX is all about.

TAXIBOX delivered 20 clean, easy to use units allowing us to scale down and up as our storage requirements varied and communication was excellent the whole way through. Highly recommend!

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