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Kids on the Move

Navigating interstate relocation with your little ones?

Have you ever heard the equation “anything + kids = stress”? Well, if your “anything” is moving interstate, then, oooohhh boy, it might be time to bust out a calculator.


Through this blog, let’s see if we can change the paradigm for a better result. Imagine this move not just as a logistical challenge but as an epic family road trip with some extra carry-on baggage. Luckily, you won’t have to worry about most of your belongings, as I assume a particular yellow box has magically teleported your stuff to your destination 😉 (Well, we’re here to help if you haven’t booked that magical box). It’s a big change, mixing excitement with nerves, not just for you but especially for the kids. But with a thoughtful approach, this transition can be a positive experience filled with epic memories for the entire family.

1. Establishing Routines on the Move

Establishing routines with kids provides stability and predictability, fostering a sense of security and comfort amid change. When moving house, routines offer a familiar anchor, helping children adjust to new environments more smoothly. When you’re on the move, try syncing travel breaks with usual snack times or plan a family game in the evening, mirroring your regular family night, albeit with a twist.

Ps. I’m no dad… yet 👀, but teaching 7,000 Japanese kids English on my OE (Overseas Exchange) taught me that a sense of routine helps kids navigate during transitions. I’ve even found making “smooth transitions” for big or small challenges in my own life, like scheduling “chats”, with my partner helps us manage our stress levels when we have that luxury.

Bonus tip: Visit your child’s favourite spots for a proper goodbye, providing closure, and excitement for new adventures ahead.

2. Involving the Little Troopers

Nothing spells excitement for the little ones quite like being in charge of their own mission during a move. (When I was 8, I adored a star chart, but the real treasure lies in finding ways for kids to relish both the moving process and the journey that follows).

Allowing them to pack a box of their most cherished items is a great start. Hand them a map and let them suggest some optional detours along the way, igniting their excitement as they chart the course from the sunny beaches of Brisbane to Sydney’s bustling streets, perhaps with a quick detour to Movie World (or somewhere less crowded).

On a tight schedule? Give them the DJ reins for a “power hour” of their favourite tunes, making even the most direct route an adventure.

SPECIAL SURPRISE 🎁🫶 Congratulations on making it this far into the blog! Whether you’re diligently preparing for your interstate move or simply enjoying the read, here’s a special token for your time – shoot us a DM, and we’ll send over a TAXIBOX toy truck for your little ones to embark on their own moving adventure (admit it, you’re excited too 😉).

Bonus tip: Once you have your TAXIBOX toy truck, a fun photo trick you can teach your kids is forced perspective. It’s how they filmed small hobbits in The Lord of The Rings but for you it’s a unique opportunity to document your family journey together. Imagine your kids posing as the role of your TAXIBOX driver in the distance next to your toy truck in the foreground. You kid is now responsible for ensuring your belongings reach their destination. Perhaps a budding career path? 🤔✨ Video Tutorial here.


3. Transitioning Beyond Screens

While it’s easy to default to screens for entertainment during long journeys, engaging in enriching activities can captivate their minds and spark creativity. Introducing audiobooks or family-friendly podcasts can create a shared family experience. Don’t just listen; dedicate time to discuss it afterwards, deepening the connection. Encourage journaling or drawing to document the move, giving them a lasting personal project.

Example: Why not use AI to create a custom drawing or colouring book? It can feature images of everything your kids are leaving behind – their favourite spots, experiences, friends, or even sports teams. Last Christmas, when I moved to Australia, I crafted such a book for my partner. I printed off and glued the AI-generated images into a real $1 store colouring book. She loved it so much, she couldn’t bring herself to colour in the pages 🥹 Video Tutorial here.


As we approach the end of our blog journey, it’s clear that moving with children is about more than just relocating your belongings; it’s about guiding your family through a significant change with empathy, engagement, and excitement. By maintaining routines, involving your children in the process, and finding creative ways to keep them entertained, you can ensure that the move is a positive experience for everyone involved.

Ready to embark on this adventure? If you decide to move interstate with TAXIBOX, you can now focus on what matters most – your fam’s journey.

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