Finding love inside a TAXIBOX

Yesterday we all shared a beautiful moment here at TAXIBOX.

It all started with a very top-secret email from Jess to the TAXIBOX team.

Beth was going through her day at the office like any other, unaware of the email that we are were reading and the barely-contained emotion of knowing we were about to witness one of the most important moments in the life of somebody who is so dear to us.

Everything was going as planned.

Brent got in the box, Kate made her announcement, and we all went to the storage warehouse, hardly hiding our excitement. At this point, we thought it was a miracle that the whole facade wasn’t apparent to Beth, who remained in the dark just until she opened the door.

Watch the video here to see the excitement for yourself:

A huge Congratulations to Beth and Brent, we wish you a life of happiness, health and affordable storage.

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