Removalists hidden charges

We’re not saying don’t use removalists – in fact, TAXIBOX is happy to organise a removalist for you to assist you when you move or store with TAXIBOX. Our concern is that many people don’t understand how much you will have to pay when you contract with a removalist. Bottom line – do your research!

Here are some questions you should ask when contracting a removalist:

  1. What is the basis for your fees? (Answer might include weight charges and time charges)
  2. When do the time charges commence? (Often time charging will commence from the removalists depot rather than your house so you could be better off going with a local removalist)
  3. Am I going to be charged extra for moving heavy items (e.g. a grand piano)
  4. Am I going to be charged extra for disassembling items that can’t fit out a door (e.g. desks, beds, pool tables)
  5. How big is your truck? (If the truck brought to your home or office is too small, this can become expensive as you will require multiple trips to complete your move).
  6. Do you charge extra if there are stairs in my house or the removalists have far to walk from the truck to my house?
  7. Can you truck fit down my driveway/street? (If the truck can’t fit this may result in significant extra charges)
  8. Are there any other charges? (Ask this question a few times or read the contract fine print).

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