Advantages Of TAXIBOX Over Back Loading For Moving Interstate

Advantages of TAXIBOX over back loading for moving interstate

If you are looking at moving interstate? Then look no further, TAXIBOX mobile self storage is convenient, professional and really cost effective!
Moving interstate between Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane has never been this simple. Here’s how it works:

1. We Deliver
We deliver your TAXIBOX to your home or office

2. You Pack
Take your time to pack and lock your TAXIBOX

3. We Move
We move your TAXIBOX to you across Australia.

What is interstate backloading and is it really the best option for me?

Traditionally, moving interstate from Brisbane or other cities has been tricky and daunting and like most people you will have trolled the internet for your questions. If you have done a little searching, then you will have come across the phrases ‘Backloading’, ‘Interstate Backloading’, Backloading Trucks’ or Backload Truck’.

These are pretty common terms for those in the industry, but how does it relate to Interstate Moving Services, and is Backloading really the best option for you?

Backloading is when a removalist will pack more than one job in a truck or container at the same time. If your belongings do not take up the entire truck, customers in the same area can combine their jobs in one vehicle which at times may save some money.

The second definition of backloading is when a mover does a job to one town and then loads another job in that town to bring back to the original location. Here is an example:
Your removalists do a job from Sydney to Melbourne, they also have a client in Melbourne that wants to move back to Sydney, so the removalists use that same truck to carry the Melbourne client’s goods. That type of job is a backload.

Now that may seem like a good idea because you can share the truck however the advantages of backloading can easily be outweighed by some of the negatives involved.

What is the TAXIBOX and how does it work?

The TAXIBOX is a mobile self-storage container unit and is quite big in size! Each TAXIBOX typically accommodates an average room to a room and a half of household belongings and are perfect for furniture storage or approximately 120 archive boxes. (They easily fit large furniture e.g a king size mattress!) Each TAXIBOX is BIG – 2.4m long, 1.5m wide and 2.2m high externally or 2.32m long, 1.46m wide and 1.98m high internally. TAXIBOXES also have a large door for easy access and can hold up to 1 tonne of weight. And it can fit conveniently into an average sized car space.

Once one of our friendly team members has qualified your needs and figured how many TAXIBOXES you are likely to need, we deliver out directly to your door (or as close as we can get) and leave them there for you to fill in your time. Once you are finished loading, simply pop on your padlock and we will return to collect and either make our way interstate to your new home within a few days or return your belongings to one of our safe and secure indoor storage facilities which is protected by a state-of-the-art security system around the clock until you find your new place.

TAXIBOX Interstate service is really flexible!

Although at times interstate backloading can seem like an easy option, there isn’t much flexibility to move. The interstate removalists move on strict days/times and take preference to their existing customer and so you have to work around them in regards to timing / uplift and delivery day. This is because a client who has booked their interstate relocation has the say as to when their relocation will take place, as they have paid the full cost of relocation. Due to the increase in nearly all aspects of the transport/ interstate relocation industry, this type of backloading has become somewhat rare as usually companies will ensure they have return freight arrangements to ensure viability.

When you book your interstate move with TAXIBOX, we deliver your TAXIBOX mobile self-storage container unit direct to your house and leave it there as long as required for you to load it, this gives you the freedom to load at your leisure and you won’t be held to a tight schedule.

TAXIBOX Interstate service is cost effective! (Don’t pay for air space)

Not only is booking your interstate move with TAXIBOX super easy and convenient, it is also really cost effective. As we work on a modular system, we calculate on your needs how many TAXIBOX container units are required and deliver them directly out. This means you save a tonne of money and space. With traditional solutions such as removalists or backloading, you will always over cater in size to ensure enough room, this means you will pay for space you don’t use and nobody wants to rent air! Our modular system means that you can use multiple TAXIBOXES and categorise your belongings for greater flexibility and convenience. Making loading and unloading a lot simpler!

TAXIBOX Interstate service is really safe and secure!

Booking your interstate move with TAXIBOX is really safe and secure as well. Once you are finished loading your TAXIBOXES, all you need to do is pop on a padlock and it’s nice and secure. You and only you know what’s inside and unlike backloading, you don’t have to share the space with another customer.

Whereas when using an interstate backloading company, can be a riskier option as not all back loaders use inventories and items can get mixed in with others. If they don’t there is a very real risk your awesome flat screen TV may find a home in another person’s house! Cheaper removalists are generally the types of removalists that don’t use them and the reason is kind of a catch 22. Inventories take time and cost wages, it’s the extra wages associated with inventories that push the price up slightly.

As you can see, moving interstate can be quite a complex move but with TAXIBOX it is SIMPLE, SAFE, CHEAP and (dare we say it) – FUN!

We have noted just a few of the million and one reasons why TAXIBOX is your number one choice for moving interstate! But don’t take my word for it, see here for our many real-life testimonials or give us a call and chat with one of our friendly interstate team on 1300 87-60-87.