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Self Storage Stafford

With TAXIBOX, you'll never have to drive to a storage facility again. It's easy:

What's your next move?

Combining households
Home Styling Services
Storage in-between moving
Moving or travelling overseas
Decluttering Home
Moving interstate
Other life circumstances

Combining households

Moving in with your loved-one or a friend and have a bit too much to fit in? Share a TAXIBOX!

Home Styling Services

Maximise your sale price! TAXIBOX is the ideal solution to get rid of clutter whilst you run your sale campaign.

Storage in-between moving

Moving to a new home but out of accommodation for a short time? TAXIBOX makes this easy!

Moving or travelling overseas

We'll take care of your clutter so you can live your life “outside the box” whilst you roam the world.

Decluttering Home

Selling your home or just need a bit more space? Get a TAXIBOX to de-clutter your life.


Keep a TAXIBOX at your place or have it stored at one of our secure storage facilities. We make storage while renovating easy!

Moving interstate

Moving interstate across Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane made easy! Get a TAXIBOX delivered to your door and we’ll move it across the country for you.

Other life circumstances

Whatever your reason for storing might be, TAXIBOX offers incredibly convenient storage with service that’ll genuinely knock your socks off!

You do not have to drive far to take advantage of the best Stafford storage solution, because it can be delivered right on your doorstep. The Taxibox is an entire new concept that has taken Stafford storage solutions to a whole new level. So let us take a closer look at this unusual Stafford storage solution and experience that storing can be easy!

The System

Customers do not have to travel to a storage facility to store their items. Our mobile Stafford storage solution, the Taxibox, is delivered right at your home or office.

Once you receive your Stafford self-storage unit, you get all the time in the world to start packing it yourself. You can even keep your Stafford self-storage unit near your home or office for as long as you are doing a remodel or renovation. Or maybe you need some permanent Stafford self-storage near your home? No matter what you need, the Taxibox will deliver everything you need and more.

When you do not want to keep the mobile Stafford self-storage solution on your premises, you can always opt for the extra security of our storage facility. However, you still do not have to do any driving. Our team of professionals will pick up your Stafford self-storage unit and transport it to one of our secured storage facilities.

Access to the Storage Facility

Customers who have opted to store their Brisbane storage unit in our storage facility can always gain easy access to their property. The Taxibox storage facility can be visited from Monday to Saturday, so this gives you plenty of time to arrange a visit with us. The only reason why we request our customers to call 24 hours in advance is so that we can prepare your Taxibox for your visit. This will provide you with an easy visit and good customer service.

Of course, our customers do not always have to come to us to gain access to their Brisbane storage unit. There is another option available to customers and by choosing this option they do not have to do any driving! Customers can request the re-delivery of their Brisbane self-storage unit, so you get plenty of time to access your Taxibox and take all the items you need. You can also request a re-delivery of the Taxibox just to add some items to your Brisbane self-storage unit.
Convenience is the most important thing to our customers, so Taxibox aims to provide just that every single time. We understand the common problems of storage solutions, so Taxibox finds a way around that every time.

Is It Safe?

Our company is extremely proud of the security measures we have implemented over the years. Through experience and research, we were able to determine the best ways to secure your valuable belongings.

The safest location for your Taxibox is still one of our storage facilities. Every storage facility has a brilliant security system and 24/7 protection for your Taxibox, so you can entrust your valuables to us.

However, some people would rather keep the Taxibox close to their home, especially if they intend to use the Taxibox on a daily basis. For that very reason, we also added a sturdy lock to the Taxibox itself. The customer will receive the keys from our staff member upon delivery, so you will be the only one who will be able to lock and unlock your unit.

Our Taxiboxes are also protected against bad weather. After extensive research we have built the Taxibox from the ground up and ensured that it can withstand extreme weather conditions. Leaving your Taxibox out in the rain will therefore not affect the furniture or belongings you have stored in it. The Taxibox also has an additional protective layer, which makes it that much more resistant against the weather elements.

Our Best Price Guarantee

Taxibox is a company with a heart. You will definitely notice this when you take advantage of our services and the Taxibox. We always aim to provide customers with the best deals and services. In order to prove our dedication to the storage business and our customers, we offer customers a best price guarantee.

But what is our best price guarantee exactly? Well, Taxibox offers the most competitive rates in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney. If a customer can find a better rate for a comparable service, Taxibox will beat that price with an amazing 5%. In other words, when you choose Taxibox, you can be sure that you will get the best price for storage in your region.
We currently have another promotion as well. You might already be familiar with refer a friend. Well, Taxibox has a similar refer a friend promotion as well. If you can refer one of your friends to us, Taxibox will give you a free $20 credit on your account.

With our best price guarantee, refer a friend and special discounts, it is difficult not to take advantage of our service. So check out our prices page and see what else you can benefit from.

Our Prices

When you choose Taxibox, you do not have to worry about any hidden fees or costs because it is all included in the price of our Taxibox. GST, fuel and tolls are all in the price for your Taxibox, which is not always guaranteed in other similar services.
Customers who visit our prices page will have noticed that it is cheaper to store two or three Taxiboxes. The monthly cost is a lot lower, so it is more beneficial to clients to get more than one Taxibox. However, even if you only get one Taxibox, it is still cheaper than the traditional storage solutions.

Are you convinced that Taxibox is the service for you or do you need some additional information before you make your decision? Give us a call on 1300 87-60-87 or use our live chat function on the website. We will gladly answer any question you may have and can also disclose some of the deals and discounts we have made available for clients.

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