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TAXIBOX - Mobile storage, On-site Storage and Cool Storage

It's simple

TAXIBOX - MSS step 1
We deliver

Stay put. We’ll deliver your TAXIBOX to wherever you need it.

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You pack

Take your time to pack & lock your TAXIBOX, or let us lend a hand.

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We store

Done! We’ll collect & store your TAXIBOX at our storage facility.

TAXIBOX turns your stuff into space

TAXIBOX turns your stuff into space

So you can get on with the good things in life

  • Storing between moves
  • Decluttering & styling
  • Local or interstate moving
  • Travelling overseas
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931 Nudgee Rd, Banyo QLD 4014

15 Blanck St, Ormeau QLD 4208

Are you tired of paying too much for your Woolloongabba storage? Or are you currently hiring Woolloongabba storage that is simply too big for your needs? Only rent the space you need and choose our Woolloongabba storage solution! Do you want convenience for a reasonable price? Discover the Taxibox today!

Convenient Woolloongabba Storage

When we need to describe the Taxibox in one sentence, we describe it as convenient Woolloongabba self-storage. But why is it so convenient? Well, our Woolloongabba self-storage unit is completely mobile, which means we can deliver the unit right at your home or office.

The system is quite simple. Customers request a Taxibox on our website or via telephone. The Woolloongabba self-storage unit gets delivered on your doorstep and once delivered you can pack your belongings in the unit.
Customers can keep the Woolloongabba self-storage unit on their premises or they can request a pickup. We also provide additional storage services to our customers, for example customers can keep their Woolloongabba self-storage unit in one of our storage Brisbane facilities. By doing so, customers can enjoy the additional protection of our Brisbane storage facility because your Taxibox will be protected every hour of every day.


Many people choose our Brisbane self-storage unit because they want to save some money on movers or only want to pay for the amount of room they actually need. However, this does not mean that you cannot take advantage of movers at all.
If you rather not pack your furniture in the Brisbane self-storage unit yourself, you can always contact Taxibox. We currently work with a number of removalists who can do all the heavy lifting for you.

Customers who want to do the packing themselves, but have no idea what kind of packing supplies to get, please have a look on our packing supplies page. Taxibox also provides customers with various packages, varying from the bronze, silver and gold packing supplies packaging. If you only need a few items, you can also buy your items individually. The packing supplies will be delivered with your Taxibox, so you will be ready to go as soon as your Taxibox arrives!

What Does A Taxibox Look Like?

Our Taxibox looks a little different than the traditional storage containers. The Taxibox is not built out of the usual stainless steel, but a durable wood composite. This material offers nothing but advantages, because wood composite is a lot more resistant against common damage denominators, for example mildew.

Even though the Taxibox looks smaller than the average storage unit, looks can be very deceiving. Our Taxibox is 2.4 metre long, 1.5 metre wide and 2.2 metre high.

Do you want to know just how much you can pack in one Taxibox? You would be surprised! In order to show you the capacity of one Taxibox a bit more clearly, we have created a video! So have a look at this video to see how much you can pack in our Taxibox!

Always Safe

No matter how you intend to use the Taxibox, our Taxibox is always secure and safe. Our storage facility has a top of the line security system, but even the Taxibox itself has a sturdy lock so you can be sure your Taxibox will be safe on your premises as well.

Some customers also contact us concerning their stored goods. Because of the fact that this question is asked a lot, we want to inform our customers about the extended warranty of your stored goods.

Customers who do not have the proper coverage and do not want to pay too much for their stored belongings, can always contact Taxibox. Our company can arrange the proper coverage for you for as little as $25 a month. Simply contact us by telephone or contact one of our representatives through the live chat.

Even though incidents with Taxiboxes are extremely rare and many customers do not see the point of getting additional protection because of our extra safety measures, we do recommend customers to get the proper coverage. The extra protection is definitely needed for Taxiboxes you are going to store on your premises. Taxibox has less control over Taxiboxes stored near your home or office, so your external policy may come in handy sometimes. However, our Taxibox does have a pretty sturdy lock and weather resistant coating, so incidents on your premises are also extremely rare.

Get a Re-delivery

Have you stored a Taxibox in one of our storage facilities and would you like to gain access to your Taxibox? Then you can always arrange a re-delivery. This means that we will deliver the Taxibox to your home again and you do not have to drive anywhere! Customers who have stored their Taxibox in our facility for longer than 3 months can get their re-delivery for free!
Customers can also get access to their Taxibox in our storage facility. Simply call up a day beforehand and we will prepare your Taxibox for you. We do have to ask our customers to give 24-hour notice because it does take us some time to prepare your Taxibox. We currently store a lot of Taxiboxes, so giving notice gives us time to make your experience as smooth as possible.
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Do you love everything our Taxibox has to offer you? Then get your instant quote today! Simply surf to the top of the page and click instant quote to see how much you will pay for a Taxibox. We are sure you are going to be pleasantly surprised with the price we can give you.
In order to take advantage of everything we have to offer, we do recommend having a look on our prices page or giving us a call on 1300 87-60-87. We give regular discounts and promotions, so make sure you do not miss a single one!