TAXIBOX now available in Frankston Self Storage

TAXIBOX offers Hassle-Free Frankston Self Storage to Frankston residence

Renovating your old home may prove to be very challenging.

Take the case of Trish, a long-time resident of the Melbourne suburb of Frankston. She and her family recently demolished her house for home improvement works. One of her biggest problems was finding a safe and secure storage facility for her things.

There are many self-storage facilities in the area and all over Melbourne but Trish was not convinced with the services they offer. She wanted a better option.

What particularly worries her is the additional work involved in storing her things in a storage facility. First, she has to look for a truck, a van or any large enough utility vehicle where she can load and pack her things. Then she has to bring her things herself to the site of the storage facility. After her home renovations are done, she then has to repeat the storage process in reverse. She has to hire a vehicle again to pick her things up and bring them back home.

She was extremely relieved and amazed to have found TAXIBOX. TAXIBOX is a company that offers mobile self-storage in Australia.

Mobile self-storage services were new to Trish but she soon warmed up to the service. Mobile self-storage is a revolutionizing service in self-storage that is already quite popular in the United States and in other countries. It was TAXIBOX who brought mobile self-storage first to Australia. Commencing business in 2010, TAXIBOX is now huge in Melbourne and handles more than 50 deliveries every day in the Melbourne area.

Trish was amazed that with TAXIBOX, she need not go through all the hassles she dreaded in self-storing her things. How TAXIBOX works is summarized eloquently by the company’s marketing slogan: “We Deliver, You Pack, We Store.”

TAXIBOX has reduced self-storage to those three easy steps. But how does it work exactly? Here’s how.

First, customers like Trish just need to call TAXIBOX and have a storage unit delivered right where they want it to be. These storage units are also called taxiboxes. These are delivered at the convenience of TAXIBOX customers. Outside their homes, in their offices, anywhere in Frankston. With this new mobile service, the hassles of hiring and re-hiring utility vehicles for transport are eliminated. So are the added costs.

Second, customers like Trish get to pack their own things in the delivered taxiboxes. This they can do freely at their own pace and comfort.

Third, it is TAXIBOX itself that carries the already-packed storage facilities from the doorsteps of customers to a storage location. A TAXIBOX self-storage facility is located in Braeside, which is only a 20-minute drive away from Frankston. This state-of-the-art facility is kept secured and protected by TAXIBOX. Customers like Trish are assured of the security of their things.
Customers like Trish never have to leave the comfort of their homes in availing themselves of this service. And as a big plus, TAXIBOX offers the best self-storage packages at the most affordable prices.

Trish is more than thrilled after purchasing TAXIBOXES of her own. “All the things in my house in just three TAXIBOXES!” she relates. Now she can focus fully on her home renovation. “I would highly recommend TAXIBOX to everyone,” she adds.

Still not convinced? We’ve testimonials from thousands of other customers, just like Trish.

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