TAXIBOX Now Offers Self Storage Pakenham Solutions

Self-storage in Pakenham now easier than ever with TAXIBOX

Storage has been a real issue for Bryan ever since he moved out of his parents’ place. He has tried the services of different local storage facilities in Pakenham but found the costs to be quite steep. His current living situation leaves him no choice however. A self-storage facility is a must for him as it is for many Pakenham residents. He therefore has to pay hundreds of dollars every month for a place to store the things he cannot keep in his modest living place.

Imagine Bryan’s immense relief and amazement when he discovered TAXIBOX. TAXIBOX is a Melbourne-based mobile self-storage services provider. As part of its aggressive expansion strategy, TAXIBOX has begun offering services across Australia and has recently expanded its services into Pakenham.

“TAXIBOX offered the cheapest storage alternative,” quipped Bryan. He was certainly pleased that the excess money he used to spend on self-storage facilities would now go to savings or to other valuable expenses. “Very worth it on the price alone,” he added about the self-storage services offered by TAXIBOX.

But more than offering the most affordable self-storage option, TAXIBOX has in store for its customers like Bryan a whole lot more excellent services. TAXIBOX offers a pioneering service in Australia called mobile self-storage. The process is eloquently summarized in the company’s marketing slogan: “We Deliver, You Pack, We Store.”

To elaborate, this slogan basically means the following:

  1. “We Deliver.” TAXIBOX brings the storage unit also called a taxibox right to the customer’s doorstep.
  2. “You Pack.” The customer gets to pack, arrange and lock his or her things in the delivered taxibox.
  3. “We Store.” The taxibox is collected and stored in a safe and secure location maintained by TAXIBOX.

In offering self-storage services that work this way, TAXIBOX eliminates the hassles often associated with self-storage.

Users like Bryan for example get the benefit of not having to drive to and from storage facilities themselves. The burden of loading and unloading at storage facilities is therefore removed. TAXIBOX customers from Pakenham and everywhere in Australia also do not need to hire vans or utility trucks anymore for transporting their things.

TAXIBOX’s three-step mobile self-storage process saves customers both time and money in hiring and arranging transport services. TAXIBOX does all the work for them.
And there are several other additional services too. TAXIBOX offers the delivery and re-delivery of the storage facility to anywhere in Pakenham. Customers are also allowed free access to their taxibox anytime on their storage terms.

Mobile self-storage is already a huge hit in other countries, particularly in the United States. TAXIBOX started its services in Australia fairly recently in August 2010. But even though they are quite new, the mobile self-storage services offered by TAXIBOX are bound to be huge in Australia in the coming years.
At present, the company already handles more than 50 taxibox deliveries in Melbourne everyday. Offering services to Melbourne suburbs like Pakenham means more people are gaining access to mobile self-storage facilities.

In 2012, TAXIBOX expanded to Sydney. The company expects to replicate its success there while continuing to serve Melbourne and its suburbs.
“I’m not totally sure where my taxibox is stored,” Bryan says. But he says this happily and without worry. “All I need to do is call them to get it delivered when I need it back. It’s that easy.” You can read more from thousands of happy customers on our testimonials page.

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