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Self Storage Point Cook

With TAXIBOX, you'll never have to drive to a storage facility again. It's easy:

What's your next move?

Combining households
Home Styling Services
Storage in-between moving
Moving or travelling overseas
Decluttering Home
Moving interstate
Other life circumstances

Combining households

Moving in with your loved-one or a friend and have a bit too much to fit in? Share a TAXIBOX!

Home Styling Services

Maximise your sale price! TAXIBOX is the ideal solution to get rid of clutter whilst you run your sale campaign.

Storage in-between moving

Moving to a new home but out of accommodation for a short time? TAXIBOX makes this easy!

Moving or travelling overseas

We'll take care of your clutter so you can live your life “outside the box” whilst you roam the world.

Decluttering Home

Selling your home or just need a bit more space? Get a TAXIBOX to de-clutter your life.


Keep a TAXIBOX at your place or have it stored at one of our secure storage facilities. We make storage while renovating easy!

Moving interstate

Moving interstate across Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane made easy! Get a TAXIBOX delivered to your door and we’ll move it across the country for you.

Other life circumstances

Whatever your reason for storing might be, TAXIBOX offers incredibly convenient storage with service that’ll genuinely knock your socks off!

Want to take advantage of all the benefits that a traditional Point Cook storage has to offer, only without having to drive? It is possible! Our mobile Point Cook storage unit offers convenience and cost-effectiveness in one easy package!

Determining Your Point Cook Storage Needs

Before you start using our mobile Point Cook storage unit, you will have to determine how you are going to use it. Are you intending to keep your Point Cook self-storage unit on your property? Or do you wish to store it in our Point Cook self-storage facility?

Additional options are also possible, for example you can use our Point Cook self-storage unit to transport your furniture to your new home. The difference with conventional moving? You do not have to do the transporting yourself, because we take care of it for you.

Competitive Prices

When you choose our Point Cook self-storage unit, you will notice that our prices are a lot better than most Point cook self-storage providers in your region. Taxibox has the most competitive prices for storage in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Delivering Your Taxibox

In order to ensure that the entire delivery process runs smoothly, we ask our customers to ensure that there is sufficient room to deliver your Taxibox. However, the Taxibox itself does not need that much room. Our Taxibox is approximately 2.4 metres in length, 1.5 metres in width and 2.2 metres in height, this means that you will need the average length of a car.

The Easy Way to Store Your Belongings

Whether you want to use our Melbourne storage unit as extra storage space near your home or store some of your valuable belongings and furniture in our storage facility, using the mobile Melbourne storage unit is always easy.

Once your Melbourne self-storage unit arrives, you can start loading it up. In order to avoid your stuff from shifting during transport, it is recommended to load the heavier stuff on the bottom of the unit, for example sofas or washing machines.

Customers who cannot do some of the heavy lifting can still count on one of the removalist services that we currently work with. The removalist service is dependent on your region, so give us a call for the removalist in your area. Rest assured, even if you take advantage of a removalist service to load your Taxibox, it is still cheaper than other traditional Melbourne self-storage solutions.

Perfect for Outside Storage

Do you intend to keep your Taxibox outside for a certain period of time? Then you do not need to worry that your items will get damaged or affected by the weather. To ensure that your belongings stay safe outside, we have taken certain measures that make the Taxibox one of the best outside storage units in the industry.

The Taxibox itself is a very sturdy construction made from a wooden composite. The material itself ensures that no mildew or mould can form on the outside or inside of the Taxibox. The Taxibox also has a weather resistant coating, which is applied all over the exterior of the box. Rain, hail or other harmful weather elements will therefore not stand a chance.

Security is another thing we should discuss, especially where outside storage is concerned. Many people are hesitant to keep their storage unit on their property because they are afraid that their stuff will get stolen. However, customers do not need to worry about this with the Taxibox. Each Taxibox has a sturdy lock and only you get the key!

For additional security, customers can always keep their Taxibox in one of our storage facilities. Our storage facilities all have state-of-the-art security systems and are regularly subjected to fire audits and pest control, so that your possessions are kept in the most optimal conditions.

No Contracts

When you choose Taxibox as your storage solution, you are not stuck to annoying contracts which provide you with no way to cancel early. Customers are able to stop this service at any time and can obtain their belongings at any given point.

One or Multiple Taxiboxes

Customers who order our service can make a choice between one or multiple Taxiboxes. Given that some customers may have to estimate the amount of Taxiboxes sometimes, we will not charge you for any additional Taxibox that you have not used.

We also provide you with a storage calculator, which makes it a lot easier to determine how many Taxiboxes you are going to need. In general you can say that one Taxibox will cover one room of furniture, this also depends somewhat on the size of your rooms and the amount of furniture you have stored in them. If you are not entirely sure, you can always add that extra Taxibox. If you are not going to use the extra Taxibox, then we will not charge you for it.

Stored Goods Insurance

The majority of people are not aware that their standard insurance policy does not always cover stored goods. We always advise our customers to check their current insurance policy to ensure that their goods are covered in case of an incident. Even though incidents with our Taxiboxes are extremely rare, we do advise to get insurance just in case.

Customers who do not have the proper coverage can usually obtain an additional policy from their insurance agent. However, this can sometimes be quite costly, so we do offer an alternative for customers who want to obtain insurance. Taxibox can provide you with insurance for as little as $2 per month. For more information, please call one of our representatives or leave us a message on the chat.

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