TAXIBOX now offers efficient and affordable self storage in Richmond

Young Richmond couple discovers the efficiency of TAXIBOX’s mobile self storage Richmond services

Richmond parents Robert and Kristin are expecting their third child in May this year. The young couple could not be more excited. Robert is unable to contain his joy and proudly announces to all of his friends that they are finally having a boy. Kristin beams and every chance she gets blissfully says that she had always wanted to have three kids.

Something is worrying Robert and Kristin however. Having three kids means they have to have more space in their house. Their two older daughters are already growing up to be sporty types and are always running around the house. The baby would be doing that too in a few years.

Home space problems had already been bugging the young Richmond couple as early as Kristin’s first pregnancy. When they were having their first daughter, Robert suggested they try keeping some of their things in a storage facility. Kristin thought this was a good idea. Robert searched online and found an ad for a self storage company.

They thought the process would be simple but Robert and Kristin were not prepared for what followed. Initially, they had to hire a large van for the moving. That alone cost them money. The moving itself was time-consuming. They were also confronted with some horrible surprises, including items in the terms of contract that they found unfavorable to them.

The young Richmond couple found the entire self storage process so stressful they vowed never to do it again. They were convinced that doing the entire thing was a total waste of their time and money.

Robert and Kristin were so averse to self storage that when they had their second child they decided they would try an entirely different tactic. Instead of going through their nasty experience all over again, they decided to improvise. They decided that all the things they do not use, instead of going to a self storage facility, would be better kept in their attic. They believed this takes effort but not as much as the effort they would have to take should they opt for self storage again.

Now with a third child on the way, the couple’s attic would no longer be enough. The room is almost already full but there would be more things to store. Things would start to pile up in their house. Do they go back to self storage? Is that the only option for them?

Kristin started looking online for possible alternatives. She tried calling the old self storage facility they used before. She was told the process was still the same. She also tried looking for other options all around Melbourne and found the same traditional self storage facilities and services.

And then something caught her eye. In her own suburb of Richmond, a company called TAXIBOX was offering a “mobile” self storage service. Kristin got curious.

She started looking for information on TAXIBOX. The company, she found out, only began operations in Melbourne in August 2010. But already it was earning rave reviews for its revolutionising “mobile” self storage services. What is this “mobile” self storage thing, Kristin wondered. She searched on Google and found that this kind of service is already very popular in other countries like the United States.

What interested her more was the TAXIBOX marketing slogan: “We deliver, You Pack, We Store.”

For her, the slogan looked and sounded too simple and too easy. Going by her and her husband’s experience several years ago, nothing is ever simple and easy with self storage.

She told Robert about TAXIBOX. He became curious too but had an added concern. What about the cost of their packages, he asked. Maybe the costs would be too steep for them given the kind of services being offered.

Kristin checked and compared the rates with other self storage facilities. She found that not only does TAXIBOX promise efficient, simple and easy self storage services, they also promise the lowest costs among the many companies she has checked.

This just sounded too good to be true. There is sure to be a catch here, they told each other. But with their attic filling up, they decided to try TAXIBOX’s self storage in Richmond anyway. Maybe this time, self storage would not be as hard as it was before.

So they called TAXIBOX and picked a date. On a weekend, Robert and Kristin waited at their house. They were a bit nervous. They have never done mobile self storage before. They were anxious to find out how things would work this time around.

They were surprised when at the exact agreed-upon time, a storage box was delivered right at their doorstep. They were surprised when the good people from TAXIBOX informed them the storage is also called a taxibox. They were surprised when they were told that they get to pack their things at their own pace on the taxibox. And as soon as they were done, they were greatly surprised when their taxibox was carried away for transport to a secure storage facility.

It was really that easy with TAXIBOX, they both thought. All the things posted on the company website and all the reviews, they were all true. The couple thought that had there been taxiboxes when they had their first two children things would have been so much easier. Still, their relief was so immense with their discovery that self storage does not have to be so hard after all. All thanks to TAXIBOX.

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