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TAXIBOX - Mobile storage, On-site Storage and Cool Storage

It's simple

TAXIBOX - MSS step 1
We deliver

Stay put. We’ll deliver your TAXIBOX to wherever you need it.

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You pack

Take your time to pack & lock your TAXIBOX, or let us lend a hand.

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We store

Done! We’ll collect & store your TAXIBOX at our storage facility.

TAXIBOX turns your stuff into space

TAXIBOX turns your stuff into space

So you can get on with the good things in life

  • Storing between moves
  • Decluttering & styling
  • Local or interstate moving
  • Travelling overseas
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Our storage facilities

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storage facilities

TAXIBOX Braeside
118 Boundary Rd, Braeside VIC 3195

TAXIBOX Reservoir
274 Edwardes St, Reservoir VIC 3073

Storage Units Sandringham

The good life at Sandringham, Melbourne is hard to beat, and locals do all they can to increase and improve the potential of their property. Melbourne portable storage units from TAXIBOX are the solution, where you get to store at a secure storage facility or on-site at your home or business address while you renovate or remodel your premises.

The easy to access storage facility

If you are looking for storage solutions and alternative ways to store your stuff, TAXIBOX is the answer. With TAXIBOX, there’s no need to hire a moving truck or drive to a storage depot – we bring the storage container to you.

If you live in Sandringham or nearby areas such as Bayside, Highett, Cheltenham and Moorabbin Vic, a TAXIBOX storage unit can be delivered directly to your home or business address. You can then load the TAXIBOX at your own pace, or we can load it for you. Once loaded, your storage container is taken away for secure storage at a TAXIBOX storage facility.

If you prefer, keep the TAXIBOX at your place as long as you like. That way you have convenient access to important things while renovations or refurbishments are in progress. TAXIBOX advantages include:

  • No need to drive to a storage facility
  • No need to hire a truck or moving van
  • Easy TAXIBOX positioning in your driveway or other vehicle storage space
  • Access important belongings outside business hours
  • Organise removals at your pace

The choices are all yours to store your way with TAXIBOX, the most versatile storage solution in Australia.

How to choose affordable mobile storage units

At TAXIBOX, we keep things simple. Our storage units are all the same size, making it easier to measure your storage needs. If you have several rooms or a house full of furniture to move, simply hire extra TAXIBOXES. With mobile self storage, you don’t need to pay for any TAXIBOXES you don’t end up using. We’re committed to giving you the space you need at a cost-effective price so you can stick to your budget and remain on schedule.

Load the TAXIBOX at your own pace and save on removalist or relocation costs. Come moving day, the TAXIBOX will be ready to lift directly onto a truck for relocation to your desired destination. Now that’s convenience!

Loading your TAXIBOX

Loading the TAXIBOX is easy. Your TAXIBOX has a large door so even the biggest pieces of furniture will fit in. Place heavier objects near the bottom to stop items shifting if your TAXIBOX is being transported for local or interstate removals.

Visit our Box Shop for all the packing materials and supplies you need. They can be delivered with or without your TAXIBOX so you can start getting sorted straight away. If possible, carry fragile items in your car to avoid any breakage, and use bubble wrap and quality packing boxes for collectibles and other valuables. Label your boxes according to room or use, such as kitchen, garage, electronics, crockery, etc.

TAXIBOX sizes available

Sandringham is a busy neighbourhood where space is at a premium. We make TAXIBOXES accessible to everyone by using a standard size container that can easily fit into a regular car or boat storage space.

Measuring 2.4m (D) x 2.2m (H) x 1.5m (W) externally, a TAXIBOX can hold tools, documents, furniture and more for short or long-term storage. We deliver the TAXIBOX storage unit to your address, you keep the storage unit on-site, and we will return to collect it when you’re done.

Advantages of using a mobile storage unit

TAXIBOX is the hassle-free storage Sandringham solution. TAXIBOXES are seen all around south-east Melbourne for home and business storage. If you need local storage solutions near the Nepean Highway, Bay Road, George Street, or Cheltenham Vic, we have the secure storage you’re looking for. Here are some more TAXIBOX advantages worth considering.

  • Save space at home or the workplace while you renovate or upgrade
  • Load and unload the self storage unit in your own time
  • Access essential items whenever you like
  • Keep your inventory in order and accessible at all times
  • Work around your schedule, not just office hours
  • Adapt and evolve with on-site storage needs
  • Hassle-free move where you get to call the shots
  • Short-term, long-term, adaptable and forward thinking storage solutions
  • Temperature controlled cool storage for catering and events

Keeping your TAXIBOX outdoors

TAXIBOX contracts can be extended at any time, allowing you to adapt to your specific storage needs. Adaptable outdoor storage solutions are required in Sandringham, and TAXIBOX is on hand with a progressive range of storage and removals services.

Your TAXIBOX is built to handle tough conditions in Australia. The storage unit is sealed against the elements and specifically designed to be kept outdoors. After the first month, pay by direct debit and you can keep the TAXIBOX as long as needed.

If you prefer regular storage at a CCTV monitored self storage facility, TAXIBOX can help with that also. We are the Aussie storage provider of choice with a network of secure storage facilities in Melbourne. You can book a TAXIBOX online, or contact our friendly staff for more information about storage options, unit sizes and pricing.

Home and commercial storage options

With TAXIBOX, you get to decide how storage is done. If you are a business owner, home owner, or both, TAXIBOX can help with your storage needs. Here are some Sandringham TAXIBOX storage solutions.

Mobile Storage – just like regular storage but no truck or moving van hire.

We Deliver: We deliver the TAXIBOX to your home or business address.

You Pack: You pack the TAXIBOX or let us lend a hand.

We Store: We collect the TAXIBOX and store it at our secure storage facility.

On-Site Storage – make room during renovations or refurbishments.

We Deliver: We deliver the TAXIBOX to your home or business address.

You Pack: You pack it, lock it, and keep it on-site for easy access.

Job Done: We come and collect the empty TAXIBOX when you’re done using it.

Cool Storage – Temperature controlled cool storage solutions.

We Deliver: We deliver the TAXIBOX to keep things chilled for weddings, parties, catering and more.

You Pack: Pack it, lock it, and keep cool storage produce, products and beverages fresh.

Job Done: We come back to pick up the empty TAXIBOX when you’re done using it.


What size mobile storage units are available?

TAXIBOX storage units measure 2.4m (D) x 2.2m (H) x 1.5m (W) externally. Use your TAXIBOX to store tools, documents, furniture and more. A TAXIBOX can hold around 1-1.5 rooms of furniture, about 120 archive boxes, and up to 1 tonne of weight.

What are two types of storage units?

Two popular storage options that TAXIBOX competitors can’t match are mobile storage and cool storage. TAXIBOX has changed the storage landscape in Sandringham and surrounds by offering flexible storage solutions at affordable prices. Whether you’re moving house or staying right where you are, TAXIBOX self storage Melbourne will make life a whole lot easier.