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TAXIBOX turns your stuff into space

TAXIBOX turns your stuff into space

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Our storage facilities

TAXIBOX Braeside
118 Boundary Rd, Braeside 3195

TAXIBOX Reservoir
274 Edwardes St, Reservoir 3073

Many Australians will agree that St Kilda is one of the nicest places to live. However, with popularity also comes a housing boom and a great need for St Kilda storage solutions. In order to cater to the St Kilda storage needs, Taxibox offers its services as well as its Melbourne storage facility nearby.

Self Storage St Kilda

The Taxibox is one of the most convenient St Kilda storage solutions. Why? Because our St Kilda self-storage unit is completely mobile. The St Kilda storage unit is delivered at a location you specify, for example your home or office. Once delivered you can load it up at your own leisure.

Onsite St Kilda Self-Storage Unit

Many of our customers keep their St Kilda self-storage unit on their property, this is not really a surprise given the fact that the need for storage is on an all-time high in this region.

Customers can keep their St Kilda self-storage unit outside for as long as they want, because our Taxibox is a very sturdy construction. Our St Kilda self-storage unit is made from durable wood composite, protecting the structure against mould and mildew.

Weather is also a common problem that most people encounter when storing their valuable belongings in an outside storage unit. However, you will not be having that problem when you opt for our Melbourne self-storage unit. The Melbourne storage unit has a protective coating on the outside, so rain cannot influence or harm your valuable belongings. The Taxibox is also placed of the ground, so that rain cannot run in your Melbourne self-storage unit.

Of course, your belongings also need to be protected against theft. During the invention of the Taxibox, we decided to add a very sturdy lock so that the unit can be locked down at any given point. The keys to this lock are handed to the person requesting the service upon delivery, so you do not have to worry that any of your items will be stolen when you store them near your home.

Offsite Storage

There are a number of additional options available to customers who want additional security for their storage unit. One of these additional options is our storage facility, approximately 20 kilometres from St Kilda.

The good thing about our Taxibox is that you do not have to drive or transport your Taxibox to the storage facility. Our team will pick the Taxibox up for you and then store it in our secured warehouse. Taxibox also ensures an optimal environment for your valuable goods. The warehouse has a modern security system and is also subjected to fire safety checks and pest control, this way we can guarantee that your items will be in the safest place they can be.

Customers can also gain access to their storage unit at any point. By calling us 24-hour in advance, we can get out your Taxibox for you, ready for your visit the very next day.

Of course, customers are not obligated to visit our warehouse in order to gain access to their storage unit. Customers are also able to request a redelivery, where we will deliver the storage unit right at their doorstep again. So if you live at or near Middle Park, Prahran, Ripponlea, St Kilda East or Windsor then this is the perfect storage solution for you.

Move with the Taxibox

People who want to save a considerable amount of money on their move should definitely consider moving with Taxibox. Whether you are moving interstate or only a few kilometres away, Taxibox can be used for both.

The principle for moving with a Taxibox is pretty much the same as our storage system. You simply load up the Taxibox with your furniture and belongings and once it is full we transport it to your new home.

To ensure that your items remain safe during transport, we ensure that the Taxibox stays flat throughout the trip. By doing so, the chance of shifting items is seriously reduced.

There are some additional measures that customers can take to ensure the safety of their items during transport. Firstly, it is advised to stack the heavier items on the bottom of your Taxibox. Heavier items that are placed higher can become a potential hazard during transport and can shift. They can also damage some of the lighter items underneath, so it is recommended to always stack heavier stuff at the bottom.

We also recommend using proper cardboard boxes when moving some of the lighter items, for example figurines and cutlery. It is also recommended to use plenty of bubble wrap, even for items you do not necessarily see as fragile.

When packing your boxes, ensure that you mark them properly with what is inside, for example kitchen, bedroom or fragile. By doing so it is easier to start unloading your items at the new house.

Sometimes you will also need some additional packing supplies to ensure that your items remain safe and pristine during transport and even during the loading and unloading process. A good example of this is a mattress cover. Matrasses can get dirty quite easily when they get loaded or unloaded, so a mattress cover may eliminate any dirt. For more details on packing supplies, please visit our packing supplies section for an overview of your options or to buy some packing supplies for your move.

Of course, you are not obligated to do all the loading and unloading yourself. Even though Taxibox does not offer removalist services directly, we can recommend one of the removalist companies we work closely with. Simply call Taxibox and request the removalist company for your region. If you decide to use a separate removalist company during your move, please let Taxibox know before your storage unit gets delivered.

Getting a Mobile Storage Unit

Do you want to take advantage of our mobile storage unit? Or do you need some additional information before you proceed? Do not hesitate to call one of our representatives at 1300 87-60-87.

Taxibox also provides additional information about our service on the website, so be sure to check out all the pages for more information and possible discounts!