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TAXIBOX turns your stuff into space

TAXIBOX turns your stuff into space

So you can get on with the good things in life

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  • Local or interstate moving
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TAXIBOX Erskineville
3/149 Mitchell Rd Erskineville 2043

TAXIBOX Greenacre
7B, Roberts Distribution Centre, 81-85 Roberts Rd, Greenacre 2190

Our Artarmon storage solution has become increasingly more popular. By delivering our Artarmon storage unit right at your doorstep, we eliminate the need of having to drive or hiring a van to do all your storage. Want to find out how you can use your Artarmon storage unit? Read on and discover the most common uses for one of our Artarmon storage units!

Declutter Your Garage

Even though most garages are meant to park a car, most people find themselves storing so much stuff in their garage so that there is no longer room for their vehicle. Fortunately, you can count on Taxibox, the mobile Artarmon self-storage unit you can keep near your home or store in one of our storage facilities.

Once you get your Artarmon self-storage unit, you get all the time you need to load up all the excess stuff in your garage. We understand that most of your items are too valuable to throw away, so we offer a permanent storage solution so you can regain access to those items when you need them.

As was mentioned before, customers can keep the Artarmon self-storage unit near their home or at one of our storage facilities. Customers who intend to keep the unit outside do not have to worry about their items getting damaged either, since the Taxibox has a weather protective coating protecting everything inside.

Seasonal Storage

Having hobbies is great, especially during the summer or winter when you can go skiing, hiking or just hang a volleyball or tennis net in your garden. However, once the season has passed, you are often left with loads of stuff that you do not have room for.

Our Artarmon self-storage unit is also perfect as a temporary storage unit on your property. Simply store your volleyball nets, rackets and even ski equipment until you need it again. By doing so you can declutter your home and not pay excessive amounts of money for a conventional storage unit.

Customers can also keep their Artarmon self-storage unit in our storage facility and simply request a redelivery when they need their items again. However, if you only need a few things you can also drop by and get the items you need from our Sydney storage facility.

Getting Your Home Ready for Selling

People who want to sell their home often find that they have too much stuff. Having a home with too much clutter can make a sale more difficult, so our Sydney storage facility can provide you with the solution.

When we deliver the Sydney self-storage unit at your home, you can store all the items you want to take to your new home and declutter your property at the same time.

Before you load up your Sydney self-storage unit, it may be a good idea to ask your real estate agent for advice. Ask which items are recommended to keep in your home, to increase the chances of a sale.

Once you are done loading up your Taxibox, our team will pick it up until your home is sold. Customers can also wait until they are at their new home, so Taxibox can deliver the storage unit at your new house.

University Student Storage

Your child going to university is both a happy and sad occasion. You are often left with an empty room that is filled with stuff, but not being used. The student in question may want to take some of their belongings to their new dorm as well. Taxibox can provide a solution to both these problems.

Many parents use our Taxibox to store the stuff of their kids until they come back home or find a place of their own. While they are away, the empty room can be used as a hobby room or any other room you would like. If they come back early, you always have the option of getting their stuff out of storage again.

Students can also use the Taxibox to move some of their stuff to their dorm at the university. Simply load up all the stuff the student wants to take and Taxibox will transport it to the new location. By doing so, you can save a lot of money by not having to hire a van or having to pay tolls along the way.

Some students also decide to take a gap year during their studies. During this time, students also need a place to store all their stuff. The Taxibox is a pretty good storage option for a gap year, because it is even affordable for students. So if you live in or close to Chatswood, Mosman, Neutral Bay, North Sydney, St Ives or Willoughby then this storage solution is perfect for you!

Temporary Storage between Moves

Are you currently building a home, but staying in a smaller residence until you can start living in your new residence? A lack of space is quite the common problem in between moves, especially for people who are building and ordering some furniture at the same time.

People who have spotted an amazing deal on furniture and do not want to wait until their new home is finished, can always count on Taxibox to store their new stuff.

Some people may also be encountering a serious lack of room, due to the fact that they recently moved to a smaller home. The Taxibox is also a great choice here, because it is an affordable storage solution that will keep your items safe for as long as you need.

As was mentioned before, Taxibox can also assist during a move by transporting your furniture from your old to your new home. Customers can also obtain removalist services through Taxibox by calling our customer support team.

Hiring Taxibox for a move is always cheaper than hiring a van and movers. When you hire Taxibox, you only pay for the storage unit and nothing else!

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