Families create more home spaces with TAXIBOX’s Self Storage Blacktown

Families create more home spaces with TAXIBOX’s Self Storage Blacktown

In the Blacktown suburb of Sydney, a couple has decided to finally declutter their garage. Year after year, their garage seemed to be getting smaller and smaller as it has become an almost universal storage room for this family’s things. The garage, which once was only a shelter for their cars, now could barely contain its piles of boxes, wires, old chairs and stacks of possibly useful documents. In a few months the garage would fill up and the things would spill over, and the couple decided they do not want to wait for that to happen.

They have heard from friends how garages have been converted to a home gym or a home office or a recreation room. The Blacktown couple thought their garage could be converted to a wonderful home space too. But first they need to reclaim their garage and rid it of all the things there.

They decided it was time to call a self storage facility. TAXIBOX was their first and only option.

TAXIBOX is already huge in Melbourne. It has taken a service already popular in the United States and in other countries and made it a hit in Australia. This service is none other than mobile self storage. In TAXIBOX’s method of self storage, the storage facility comes to the customer and not the other way around.

A few years back, TAXIBOX opened service in Sydney and started operating in Sydney suburbs including Blacktown. The company’s mobile storage facilities are also appropriately called TAXIBOXES.

Everyday, more taxiboxes are being driven around more Sydney suburbs. On one particular day, it was the couple’s turn to get their own taxibox. All it took was one phone call and everything was set.

A team from TAXIBOX promptly delivered the couple’s taxibox right outside their door, which is exactly where they wanted it to be. Because of the mobility of the taxibox, the couple was rid of all the unnecessary expenses they could have incurred with traditional self storage services from other companies.

They did not have to hire a large vehicle and drive all the way to the storage facility themselves. They also did not have to hire movers anymore. All in all, they estimated that they saved more than 200% with TAXIBOX as opposed to other firms.

When their TAXIBOX was delivered, the couple set off to work clearing out their garage. They got to pack their things themselves in the taxibox at their own comfort and pace.

As soon as they were done packing, a team from TAXIBOX came back to their house and collected their taxibox. It was this team’s job to lift and carry the box and transport it to a TAXIBOX facility in Blacktown.

With these three quick steps, the couple was done with their self storage. No more of the tedious self storage process they have heard about from friends. No risk of self storage horror stories too.

And with TAXIBOX, they get immediate access to their things in the TAXIBOX too. All they needed to do was make a call and everything is taken cared of. Their things remain in a secure, safe and well-guarded location, leaving them absolutely worry-free.

Their garage was also now clear of the things formerly stored in there. The Blacktown couple are now free to decide whatever they wanted to do with the garage to make it a more useful space for their home: a space for their cars, a room for home projects, a room for family games. The couple is now free to decide which purpose the garage will serve.

You can reclaim your garage, too. Visit our self storage Blacktown information page on our Sydney storage section of the website to book your TAXIBOX storage solution online!