TAXIBOX opens Self Storage Penrith service

TAXIBOX makes homes spacious and comfortable through Self Storage Penrith

The proudest moment of any parent’s life has to be when his or her child starts college. The moment is bittersweet though. It is at once full of hope but with an inevitable loneliness at the realization that one’s child is now an adult and ready to take on the world. A child going to college leaves a certain emotional emptiness at home. But the emptiness is also physical. More spaces are created in the family home as it is rid of certain things.

No wonder parents experience a certain discomfort along with the inevitable excitement when their children go home for summer breaks and stay at home for the entire summer. When this happens, parents reunited with their beloved kids must also deal with a new arrangement at home. There will be their children’s things again. Things would again pile up.

Most parents of course want maximum comfort for their kids and for themselves too. Comfort at home is almost always synonymous with a relaxed spacious environment where everyone has the freedom to move around.

So what is the remedy for space problems at home in similar instances as the one described above?

Take the case of Penrith couple Phil and Anne. When their daughter moved out to study in a university in Sydney, they could not be prouder. Their daughter leaving for university meant more space at their home. They started rearranging their home then. They even converted their daughter’s room to a storage place for some of their things.

As summer was nearing and their daughter was close to coming home, Phil and Anne were not the least worried. They have decided to use a self storage facility for some of their things. They would also store in the facility some of their daughter’s things the entire summer of her stay back home.

Their top choice and their only choice for their self storage needs was TAXIBOX.

TAXIBOX had only recently opened in Penrith but was already quite popular. Many Penrith residents are profuse with their praise of TAXIBOX services. What sets it apart from other self storage companies is that its storage facilities are mobile. The taxibox, as the storage facility is also called, comes to the customers where traditionally it is the customer that brings his or her things to the facility.

Phil and Anne have tried traditional old-style self storage before. They were not happy with their experience.

Hiring a utility vehicle alone was an enormous waste of their time and money. They personally had to drive all the way to the storage place too, which was all the way to Sydney. When their contract with the self storage company was over, they had to pick their things up themselves. It was another round of hiring vehicles and driving.

With TAXIBOX, all the hassles are removed. They knew they would not have to be bothered by the hassles they went through when they tries self storage before. They also knew that TAXIBOX was the best option. They knew this as soon as Anne got on the phone to ask for a quote. The TAXIBOX customer service was excellent. And she was offered the most affordable rate.

The entire self storage process with TAXIBOX went really smoothly. The couple told each other they would definitely call TAXIBOX real soon when they need its self storage services again.

After they made the call and set up the date, a team from TAXIBOX promptly delivered their TAXIBOX. Phil and Anne were given all the time in the world they needed for packing and storing their things in the taxibox. They got to lock the box too and felt very secure about the storage.

When everything was ready, a TAXIBOX team again went to their house and collected the taxibox for storage. Everything was done in three simple step: taxibox delivery, packing, taxibox storage. And everything was done with very minimal effort on the part of the Penrith couple.

Summer came and finally their daughter arrived home. She was amazed at how the house remained so comfortable and spacious even with her bringing some of her things back home. Some of the things she accumulated from college were also stored in the family’s taxibox.

It was a wonderful summer for the family.

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