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With TAXIBOX, you'll never have to drive to a storage facility again. It's easy:

What's your next move?

Combining households
Home Styling Services
Storage in-between moving
Moving or travelling overseas
Decluttering Home
Moving interstate
Other life circumstances

Combining households

Moving in with your loved-one or a friend and have a bit too much to fit in? Share a TAXIBOX!

Home Styling Services

Maximise your sale price! TAXIBOX is the ideal solution to get rid of clutter whilst you run your sale campaign.

Storage in-between moving

Moving to a new home but out of accommodation for a short time? TAXIBOX makes this easy!

Moving or travelling overseas

We'll take care of your clutter so you can live your life “outside the box” whilst you roam the world.

Decluttering Home

Selling your home or just need a bit more space? Get a TAXIBOX to de-clutter your life.


Keep a TAXIBOX at your place or have it stored at one of our secure storage facilities. We make storage while renovating easy!

Moving interstate

Moving interstate across Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane made easy! Get a TAXIBOX delivered to your door and we’ll move it across the country for you.

Other life circumstances

Whatever your reason for storing might be, TAXIBOX offers incredibly convenient storage with service that’ll genuinely knock your socks off!

When you are in need of convenient storage, then a mobile Roseberry storage solution will be the way to go. Not only is one of our mobile Roseberry storage solutions a lot more convenient than the average, traditional facility, it is also more cost-effective. Want to know how it works? Find it all out here!

Our Roseberry Storage System

The Taxibox storage system is pretty straightforward. You request a Taxibox via telephone or on the website and our team will deliver the Roseberry storage unit at your specified location. When the Roseberry self-storage unit gets delivered, you can easily start filling it up. Once your Taxibox is full, you can schedule a pick-up. Then one of our trucks will come and collect your Taxibox and store it in our Roseberry self-storage facility. Alternatively, customers can also keep their Roseberry self-storage unit on their property until they no longer need it.

Moving is also a possibility when you choose our Roseberry self-storage unit, since Taxibox can transport the Roseberry self-storage unit to your new home. Even if you move to a different state, you can still count on Taxibox to move your belongings for you.

Perfect for Onsite Storage

Not many Sydney storage units are suitable for exterior storage for a long period of time. Fortunately, our Sydney storage unit is more than suitable to keep outside for a long period of time. The suitability for exterior storage is immediately another reason why many people use our Sydney self-storage unit as a permanent storage solution near their home.

The reason why our Sydney self-storage unit is so suitable for exterior use is the fact that it is made from a durable composite material. The wooden composite our storage unit is made from, protects your belongings against common damage denominators such as condensation, mildew and mould.

The material our storage units are made from is not the only thing that protects your belongings against environmental influences. The Taxibox also has an additional weather protective layer, which ensures that rain cannot get into the storage container. Our team will also place the Taxibox off the ground, so water cannot flood in from the bottom either. So if you live near or close to Kensington or Mascot this is the closest storage unit for you.

Packing the Mobile Storage Unit

There are certain things to take into account when you start loading up your Taxibox and even though you are not obligated to do so, it is recommended to follow these tips to ensure the safety of your belongings.

First of all, we recommend using plenty of labels, not only on your cardboard boxes but also for small belongings such as power cords, screws and bolts. It is also a good idea to get all your electronics and accompanying cords packed in the same cardboard box, although it is best to use bubble wrap and pack the cords in separate bag to avoid damaging the electronic appliance.

When loading up your Taxibox, it is also better to place heavier objects at the bottom of your storage unit, this will prevent the bigger items from shifting during transit.

To properly load your Taxibox, you are going to need packing supplies as well. Taxibox can also provide you with the packing supplies you need. When you order packing supplies from our website, we will deliver your packing supplies with your Taxibox.

Customers get all the time they need to load up the Taxibox, so there is no rush whatsoever! When you are done, simply give us a call to schedule your pick-up.

Things You Cannot Store

Even though customers can load a large amount of furniture, objects and items into our mobile storage unit, there are certain things that cannot be stored into a Taxibox.

The following items are not allowed in the Taxibox for safety reasons: flammables, hazardous goods, munition, explosives, firearms, polluted goods, contaminated goods, toxins, animals, living plants, foods, perishable goods, illegal goods and waste.

Are you in doubt about a certain item? Then do not hesitate to give us a call and ask the advice of our customer support team.

Roseberry Discounts

Customers from Roseberry can benefit from a nice amount of discounts. Taxibox likes to reward their faithful customers with great deals, so as soon as you store with us for a period of six months, you can take advantage of various rewards.

One of the rewards we offer to our customers is a free redelivery. In order to be eligible for a free redelivery, customers need to have stored their storage unit in our storage facility for a period of three months. Another reward that customers can take advantage of is a 15% discount, which is offered to clients who have stored their storage unit for a period of 12 months or more.

Taxibox also offers attractive storage rates to customers who want to store more than one storage unit in our storage facility. For more details on this great price reduction, please visit our prices page for comparison.

The discounts and offers do not stop here, because Taxibox offers some great deals on their social media pages regularly. In order to stay informed about our special deals, please follow us on our social media pages. Customers can follow us on social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+, so you will never have to miss a great deal again.

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Ready to use your mobile storage unit? To request a Taxibox, give us a call at 1300 87-60-87 or book your Taxibox on the website. Our customer service team will be happy to help you out.

Do you need additional information about the Taxibox, deliveries, payment options and other things? Feel free to browse our website, including our frequently asked questions page. Also be sure to check out our services page to discover all the extra services that are provided by Taxibox. Cannot find the information you are looking for? Then do not hesitate to contact us by telephone or live chat.

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