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TAXIBOX - Mobile storage, On-site Storage and Cool Storage

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Stay put. We’ll deliver your TAXIBOX to wherever you need it.

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TAXIBOX turns your stuff into space

TAXIBOX turns your stuff into space

So you can get on with the good things in life

  • Storing between moves
  • Decluttering & styling
  • Local or interstate moving
  • Travelling overseas
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Unit 5, 5-9 Ricketty St, Mascot NSW 2020

TAXIBOX Greenacre
7B, Roberts Distribution Centre, 81-85 Roberts Rd, Greenacre NSW 2190

Did you know that good Ryde storage does not necessarily have to be expensive? Well, if you choose our mobile Ryde storage unit this will become a reality for you. Our company has developed one of the leading Ryde storage solutions, saving you money on every little aspect you can possibly image, at least where storage solutions are concerned. So let us take a look on how our Ryde storage solution can leave your wallet a lot fuller.

We Deliver and Pick Up

Customers who choose our Ryde self-storage solution will save a lot of money by not having to pay for general costs such as transport and handling. All these costs are already included in the price of your Ryde self-storage unit.

When you compare our Ryde self-storage unit with traditional storage solutions, you will notice that our company does not charge you common extra fees that do apply to other storage solutions. We do not charge you anything for the delivery of your Ryde self-storage unit, nor do we charge you anything for picking it up.

Eliminating Travel

Due to the fact that we pick up and deliver all the storage units ourselves, we totally eliminate the need for travel. Customers can therefore also save plenty of cash on petrol, because there is no need to take a van and drive to our storage facility.

No Labour Costs

People who are going to move can also get much benefit from using our Ryde self-storage unit. Customers can save plenty of money by not having to pay labour costs, which you would usually do if you use a removalist company.

Since customers load and unload the Taxibox themselves, and do not pay any extra for tolls or transport, this seriously reduces their moving costs.

Multiple Storage Units Discounts

Businesses and residents that need a large amount of storage can also benefit by using our Sydney storage unit. Customers who store more than one Sydney storage unit with us get a nice discount on their monthly storage price. To see how much you can save, please visit our prices page for more details.

Rewards for Faithful Customers

Customers who use our service for a considerable amount of time can also enjoy some great rewards offered by Taxibox. When you have used our Sydney self-storage facility for at least 3 months, you will get a free delivery.

The free redelivery will especially come in handy when you want to take your Sydney self-storage unit out of our storage facility. Instead of having to come to our storage facility to empty out your storage unit, we will deliver it on your doorstep again.

Please note that the redelivery can be requested even if you are not eligible for a free redelivery. The redelivery is a special service offered by Taxibox to increase the level of convenience for our customers.

Another great benefit of using our storage facility for a considerable amount of time, is a 15% discount on your storage solution. Customers who have kept their storage unit in our storage facility for at least 12 months will automatically receive this great discount.

Social Media Offers

Taxibox likes to reward their customers on a regular basis, so we often provide some additional offers on our social media pages. If you want to take advantage of these additional offers, please follow us on social media. You are currently able to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Google +, so there is a perfect fit for everyone!

The Best Price Guarantee

We understand that it is easy to claim you are the cheapest, but another thing to actually be the cheapest. Taxibox wants to provide the best storage rates to each of their customers, so for that reason we also provide a best price guarantee to each customer who wishes to use our storage units and storage facility.

But what is this best price guarantee? Well, if a customer can find a cheaper storage option in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane, we will beat our rival’s storage price with an amazing 5%. This means that Taxibox is always the cheapest, no matter what!

Cheaper Packing Supplies

When you need packing supplies, you can also count on Taxibox. On our website you will find a special page with plenty of packing supplies, this also includes discounted packages with up to 30% discount!

Other Great Benefits of the Taxibox

We discussed in great detail how our storage unit can save you a considerable amount of money, but this is not the only benefit you can get by choosing our mobile storage unit!

The second biggest benefit of using the Taxibox is the high level of convenience you will be experiencing. By having the storage unit right on your doorstep, you do not have to walk far to put your stuff into storage. Customers only have to load and unload once, which is usually a lot different with traditional storage solutions.

Another additional benefit of our storage unit is its versatility. The Taxibox can be used in so many different ways, from moving to storing your seasonal items. Due to the fact that our storage unit is also mobile, it can be delivered to a wide variety of locations which makes the applications almost endless.

And last but not least, customers can also enjoy a heightened level of security in our storage facility. Taxibox guarantees the safety of your items with a state-of-the-art security system in their Sydney warehouse. So if you live in or close to Hornsby, Killara, North Ryde or West Ryde then this is the perfect storage solution for you.

However, our Sydney warehouse is not the only warehouse with additional security. Taxibox has various storage facilities all over Australia, strategically located in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. Each of these facilities has its own modern security system and is subjected to regular health and safety inspections.

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Do you want to get your Ryde Taxibox today? Talk to one of our representatives at 1300 87-60-87 or via the live chat window at the bottom of this page. You can also book your storage unit by clicking on the “Get Started” or “Book Now” buttons.