Storage Facility

TAXIBOX - hero image

Looking for a storage facility that is clean, secure and located just outside your front door?

OK slight exaggeration because we can’t bring the entire storage facility to your front door but we can fulfill every single one of those requirements and more!

Our process is simple – we bring the storage unit, a portable storage module known as a TAXIBOX, to you. We place it as close as possible to your front door. We can also deliver packing supplies along with your TAXIBOX (delivery is free of charge) so you effectively have the box shop at your door as well!

In terms of location, our storage facilities in Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane are centrally located and easily accessible to all areas of the city and surrounding suburbs so if you want to access your belongings while they are in storage, it’s easy!

To book your mobile self-storage unit today: get an online quote; email us at [email protected]; or call us on 1300 87-60-87. TAXIBOX – revolutionising self-storage!