Advantages of TAXIBOXES over metal storage containers

Metal containers are the standard when it comes to shopping but that doesn’t mean they are necessarily ideal for long-term storage. After months of testing our team created TAXIBOXES which are different to these metal containers for the following five reasons:

  1. The ability to breathe – Metal containers that are sealed can get condensation/mildew unlike our TAXIBOXES that are made from heavy-duty wood composite. The ability to breath ensures that your processions remain in mint condition!
  2. Avoiding tilting – When containers are delivered at their warehouse they arr often tilted leading to load shift. The same can occur when they are picked up. We make sure our TAXIBOXES are never tilted and always remain flat to avoid load shift.
  3. Staggering loading and unloading options – Unlike a large metal container, our TAXIBOXES give you the option of unloading and loading your belongings in a staggered plan. For example, you could arrange to have TAXIBOXES sent on different days or to unique locations making unloading easier and reducing time pressures.
  4. Smaller means a more detailed system – As TAXIBOXES are smaller then a large metal shipping container you can place different room items in separate TAXIBOXES. This means that when you unload them back into your place or in a new place it will be easier to set-up the new rooms.
  5. No council permits required – On-Site metal containers often need council approval as they are so large even just for unpacking. There is generally no requirement for such a permit for our TAXIBOXES when situated on-site making them ideal for Australian suburbs and the city!

So if you’re looking for container storage, look no further! TAXIBOXES are the answer!

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