6 Simple Tricks to Save Space in Your Tiny House

Find out how you can save space in small spaces (even the really small spaces)

In a world full of stuff, we don’t all have the luxury of having a lot of space. In fact, most of us don’t have enough space – and if you‘ve ended up here, it’s probably a safe guess to say you’re in the same boat. Wondering how to save space in small spaces? We’re here to help you and your tiny house out with a few simple tricks that are easy to introduce into your life (and don’t worry, none of them involve shrink ray guns).

Three Words: Space Saving Furniture

Make the most of your space by using multi-functional furniture

We all need furniture – to eat off, to sleep on, to lounge on, to play ping pong on – but who said our furniture has to take up space? Invest in a few pieces of space saving furniture and you can save on floor space and, as an added bonus, find some new sneaky ways to store some stuff while you’re at it. 

Try to find furniture that doubles up. In this scenario, “doubling up” = anything that has more than one function, like:

  • A fold-down desk that doubles as extra shelving
  • A low bed frame that doubles as under-bed storage
  • A fold-down dining table that doubles as a side-table
  • A fold-out sofa that doubles as a spare bed

If you’re renting and can’t justify installing a door frame that flips into ping pong table in your home, try opting for anything that doubles up as storage. It’s something we all need: more space to store stuff when you’re trying to figure out how to save space in small spaces.

Look Up and See What Your Walls Can Offer

Dream big. Just because you’re stuck on gravity’s bad side and can’t walk up the walls doesn’t mean your stuff can’t. Take advantage of your vertical space wherever you can. 

Anything that’s not cluttering up your floorspace is a win. Get creative: 

  • Try wall-mounted shelves
  • Mount your TV if you haven’t already
  • Hang some hanging organisers in your closets
  • Hooks, hooks, hooks – if you’re renting, go for the over-the-door kind

If there’s one space at-home that’s going to love this change, it’s your kitchen. We don’t mean to speak on behalf of your kitchen, but we can imagine it’s probably got a lot on its shoulders right now, and by shoulders, we mean counters. 

Try to find a vertical space solution for anything that would otherwise clutter up your kitchen counter. Think wall mounting your paper towel holder, or getting your hands on a magnetised spice rack set for your fridge.

Don’t Let the Clutter Take Over

Despite what our spending habits would have us believe, there are some things in life you only need one of. By keeping your stuff to a minimum, your space doesn’t fill up so quickly.  Invest in the items you only need one of instead, like:

  • A high quality knife set that doesn’t need sharpening so often
  • A suitcase you can reach for no matter what the occasion is
  • An all-rounder toolbox with all the essentials
  • An expensive enough vacuum that actually sucks stuff up properly
  • A high quality cookware set that covers all the basics

If you like keeping your options open and don’t want to cut down on stuff, that’s okay – we don’t blame you. We love stuff too. Try keeping your stuff in self storage, rather than keeping everything all in the same place, to make the most of your space without sacrificing your love of stuff.

Need to cut down on stuff?

…without letting go of your stuff? We can help.

Make the Most of the Spaces You Never Use

If you put on a pair of rose-coloured glasses – or in this case, space-saving glasses – you might be able to find some unused areas of your home that you could turn into new and improved storage space.

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Try taking advantage of those forgotten spaces:

  • Vertical shelving in corners
  • Under the bed storage
  • Nooks and crannies (for lack of a better term) 
  • Under the stairs storage

The more you look around, the more likely you are to find space you had no idea you were wasting all this time. If you have kitchen counters that don’t extend all the way to the ceiling? Get up there and add in some storage bins (and maybe give it a dust while you’re at it… we all know that nobody ever remembers to clean up there. Us included).

Respect Your Kitchen Shelves

Never underestimate the power of clever shelving. While your kitchen cabinet shelving might look impractical, from a distance, it’s actually got a lot of potential (you just have to unlock it). 

Add a few shelf inserts to double the vertical storage space in your kitchen cabinets. We recommend shelf-risers for crockery and other dishes, or stair shelf-risers for jars, cans, spices, etc.

If you have deep cupboards – you know, the kind of kitchen cabinets that look like a black hole when you peer inside? Just add some extendable, pull-out shelving, designed to fix this problem (turns out a lot of people have black hole kitchen cupboards). 

Still having trouble squeezing everything into your kitchen shelving? No need to cut down on the kitchen gadgets; store your army of air fryers in a TAXIBOX ‘til you need them later.

Got air fryers?

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Opt for Out of the Way Storage Space

When your place is tiny, there’s only so much you can do with your at-home space. You shouldn’t eat up all your floorspace and wallspace with temporary storage solutions (you do have to live here, after all, and you probably want to hang art on the walls, and actually be able to walk on your floor).

If there’s one solution that’s going to save your place from getting overtaken by stuff, it’s self storage. Store your stuff out of sight, literally – someplace else.

With TAXIBOX, you can still access your stuff whenever you need, with storage redelivered to your door. Kill two birds with one stone, or in this case, two problems with one TAXIBOX: no need to haul your stuff to the facility or deal with your stuff cramping up your at-home space. Get your TAXIBOX delivered to you, pack at your own pace, then we’ll store it at our facility until you need your stuff back.

Out of all of the tricks for making the most of your small space – TAXIBOX is at the top of our list. Sure, we’re biased, but we make a pretty good argument, don’t you think?

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Need more space in your small space?

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