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Boat storage options

Reasons for Boat Storage

Aaaah the joys of boat ownership! Nothing better than crusin’ on the open water, sun on the face and hair swept by the wind. But to achieve those special moments, you’ve also got to have the right setup and support to keep yours on the water for longer…

One particularly important decision is where your boat lives when it’s not on the water. That’s where we come in. Assuming you can’t keep your watercraft in the water year round, self-storage for your boat is an ideal and inexpensive option.

That said, we know how hard it is to trust someone else to look after the safety of your boat when it’s not with you. That’s why we’ve created some important considerations for you to consider when thinking about what options are best for you and your boat.

We offer sizes for boat storage for everything from a small tinny right through to a 12m supersized machine with both indoor and outdoor options. So no matter what option you’re looking for your boat storage, TAXIBOX self-storage should be able to help….check out below for further information.

Indoor options

We get it. Indoor boat storage does cost a bit more. But it also offers a wide range of advantages over outdoor storage including:

  1. Security – best in class protection from theft and vandalism.
  2. Presentation – keeps your toy in tip top shape as it’s protected from the elements
  3. Power – we can offer power so your machine is charged and ready to roll
  4. Valet parking – we can assist by bringing your boat in and out (and can assist with 24/7 arrangements)!

Outdoor options

Outdoor boat storage is still not a bad option. It keeps your boat away from pesky neighbours who might complain about the space it’s taking up in your street. Some other reasons include:

  1. Access – we’ve got 24/7 access by security pass to our yard which means you can get your boat before first light and bring it back after first light without even needing to make a phone call.
  2. Space – we’ve got even more space available in our yard for bigger boats that might not fit indoors
  3. Work area – sometimes easier for mechanics and other specialists to help with the maintenance of your watercraft.

Other considerations

  1. Security – your vessell should be stored in a locked up yard with 24/7 CCTV to protect your prized posession from theft
  2. Maintenance – can your boat be serviced, washed and powered up from where it’s sitting?
  3. Pricing – important in every transaction, does the price you’re getting equal real value?

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