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Caravan Storage Benefits

The Benefits

The benefits of caravan storage and the benefits of a a caravan go hand in hand. The benefits of a caravan are easy! Travelling around the country can be extremely comfortable and quite enjoyable if you have a caravan or a campervan. Otherwise known as recreational vehicles (“RV’s”) or motorhome, the sheer joy it brings to the passengers is immeasurable. It is like taking your comfy home with you every time you get the urge to travel. You’ve worked hard to buy your dream caravan or campervan. You look forward to enjoying it on your own or with the family.

So why caravan storage? 

Storing your caravan at a storage facility has a number of advantages. Firstly, you can store it indoors giving you extra peace of mind that your motorhome is protected from the elements. Secondly, at our caravan storage facility located in Mordialloc, we have power, water and local mechanics details. This helps to ensure your prized possession is maintained in tip top shape.

Plus, did you know you by storing it in your yard or driveway that you could be providing easy access for a big ticket item that’s at the top of the list for thieves? Statistically speaking, nearly half of all thefts of these are stolen from private driveways annually. Yes, right outside your door is the most common place for your caravan to be removed by someone other than yourself. That is extremely uncomfortable when you think about some random person checking out your property in the middle of the night.

How caravan storage works

Using a self-storage facility to safely secure your prized possession is far easier and less costly than you might think. Our self-storage facility in Mordialloc provides a number of benefits to owners of these leisure time vehicles.

First and foremost is safety and security. Only those individuals with authorized access to our storage facility can enter the premises. High end security cameras provide that all seeing “big brother” to watch over your property. That in itself is a huge deterrent to potential thieves. Keeping your big toy in a well lit area provides yet an additional reason thieves think twice.

Another popular activity for criminals is vandalism. Whether these individuals intend to steal parts, damage, destroy or graffiti your property you want to take those opportunities away from them. It also provides peace of mind for the owner knowing they can sleep soundly without the risk of a thief being right outside their home eying their campervan or caravan.

Other benefits

Other benefits include the possibility of receiving discounts on your insurance. Many policy providers give the holder a discount for storing their property at a secure storage facility. That discount, if provided, could very well cover the cost of storing your vehicle. Besides the consideration of theft, many insurers look at the potential for damage from falling trees or other physical damage that could occur by parking your vehicle in the driveway or in the backyard. Something to consider if you are still unsure if the expense is worth it.


Accessing the storage facility at your leisure for the most part is a welcome addition to having it safe and secure. We can make arrangements for 24/7 access ensuring you always have access when you want it. This also gives you ample time for customers to drop off, pick up or visit their caravan or campervan. Plus, we don’t just do caravan storage. We also offer boat storage, car storage, regular self-storage and mobile storage. Whatever your storage needs, we can help. Click here for further details.

Contact details and site visit 

We service all of Melbourne but particularly the south-east including Mordialloc, Cheltenham, Keysborough, Beaumaris, Sandringham, Dingley Village, Pardale and Mentone.

Feel free to give us a call for any further details on 1300 95-66-44. Or drop in to see us at 275 – 281 Boundary Road Mordialloc. You’ll find the entrance on Jappady Street with access from either direction off Boundary Road. For further details, click here. We look forward to seeing you.

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