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Tax time – clear out your excess inventory

With tax time approaching, now is the perfect time to get your inventory organised for the new financial year!

TAXIBOXES are perfect for storing excess inventory because of our unique modular system and more and more businesses are beginning to realise the benefits.

Take the following recent example: a client of ours wanted to better organise their inner city warehouse by clearing 40m3 of inventory but knew that they wanted to pull some of that inventory back during the year to replenish depleted stock levels. Seeing regular self-storage as a hassle, they called TAXIBOX and we scheduled delivery of 5 TAXIBOXES the very next day. By delivering the storage unit to the customer, this enabled them to load directly into the storage units from their warehouse without needing to unload at a self-storage facility saving time that could be used on the job. Plus, as a result of our unique modular design, the client was able to categorise and load different types of stock into each TAXIBOX, resulting in a highly organised method of storage and a better organised workplace that was more efficient and clutter free.

As their stock levels vary throughout the business cycle, they now have the ability to recall 1 or 2 or all of their TAXIBOXES to replenish depleted stock levels. The costs of doing so will be far cheaper than renting another warehouse and with TAXIBOXES high levels of security, they know their goods are safe and sound.

The client also has easy access to their inventory – they can either come down to our storage facility or they have the option of us delivering one or all of their TAXIBOXES back to their workplace for more loading or unloading before taking it back to storage. On request, we could even deliver one of their TAXIBOXES directly to a customer’s site for delivery of their goods!

So if you have excess inventory and are looking for self-storage or warehouse storage in Melbourne – what are you waiting for? Call TAXIBOX today!

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