TAXIBOX Partners with U-BOX to revolutionise international moving, with fixed price, door-to-door services.

We’ve been busy moving your stuff locally and interstate for years. It’s about time we added international moves to the mix – which is why TAXIBOX has partnered with U-BOX America to make your move overseas easy. Think the door-to-door service you know and love, only in a whole new hemisphere.

Moving Overseas Isn’t Always Easy

Finding a place to live and a new job is one thing. Figuring out how to get your stuff from point A to point B, on the other side of the world? That’s a challenge we don’t recommend leaving until the last minute. Especially if you want to show up to your first day at your new job on time, instead of being stuck on a plane with a hundred suitcases you tried to squeeze your whole life into. Eek.

There’s got to be a better way, right? (Don’t worry, we’re getting to it…)

TAXIBOX Has Partnered with U-BOX to Make Your Life Easier

Seamless door-to-door moves, from $5,999.

We’ve partnered with U-BOX to provide you with the TAXIBOX service you know and love, only this time, we’re delivering your stuff more than a few suburbs or cities away. We’ll deliver your stuff to a whole new hemisphere.

Thanks to our partnership with U-BOX, TAXIBOX can deliver your stuff all the way to your new address – customs cleared, right to your door. Yep. You read that right. We’re doing international moves, door-to-door.

With U-BOX’s support, we’ve revolutionised international moving, making it easier than ever. If you’ve been considering making a big move abroad to the USA or Canada, we can help you move across the pond (or in this case, the pacific). The best part? It’s just as easy as your average TAXIBOX move.

How Does Moving Overseas with TAXIBOX/U-BOX Work?

Never moved with TAXIBOX before? It’s simple:

  1. Book Your TAXIBOX

We’ll deliver your TAXIBOX right to your door, whether you’re in Australia, the USA, or Canada.

2. Pack Your Stuff

Get your belongings ready for transit by packing everything into your TAXIBOX. Make sure to pack everything nice & secure, with appropriate packing materials, to make sure it stays put throughout the long journey.

3. We Store & Deliver

We’ll arrange for your TAXIBOX to be delivered internationally, customs cleared. We can store your stuff until you’re ready to move into your new place, or deliver it directly to your new address. Easy.

How Do I Get Started?

To start sorting out your overseas move, head to International Moving for everything you need to know – from pricing and packing guides, to customs advice, and other frequently asked questions.

If you’d prefer to have a real human answer your questions, reach out to our TAXIBOX Team at [email protected] or give us a call on 1300 87 60 87 to learn more.