The easy way to move between USA, CANADA & AUS

TAXIBOX has partnered with U-BOX America to revolutionise international moving. Seamless door-to-door moves, from $5,999.

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TAXIBOX - Mobile storage, On-site Storage and Cool Storage

How does it work?

TAXIBOX - MSS step 1

We’ll deliver your TAXIBOX right to your door, whether you’re in Australia, the USA, or Canada.

TAXIBOX - MSS step 2
Pack Your Stuff

Get your belongings ready for transit by packing everything into your unit.

TAXIBOX - Store and Deliver step 3
We Store & Deliver

We’ll arrange for your unit to be delivered internationally, customs cleared and delivered right to your door!


Save a ton of time with TAXIBOX Mobile Storage

Pricing from $5,999

International moving with no hidden costs. Fixed & transparent pricing per TAXIBOX.

Size matter

Quick & reliable transit times

Get delivery of your belongings on your schedule, with estimated transit times of 10-15 weeks.


Sturdy & secure

Our TAXIBOXES are weatherproof and made tough, sturdy and secure. Once your TAXIBOX™ is locked & loaded, you can rest easy while your belongings make the long-distance trip.

Helping hands available

Door-to-door service

Simply load and lock at one address and welcome that same unit in the opposite hemisphere, directly at your new address.

A+ communicators

A+ communication

Receive updates every step of the way, with the option to chat to a member of our customer service team whenever you need.


Trustworthy partners

Rely on partners you can trust from Australia and USA/Canada’s largest operators in storage: TAXIBOX x U-BOX.

Move with Australia's most trusted partner

More 5 star reviews than all our competitors combined. Seriously.


How does moving internationally with TAXIBOX work?

Moving internationally with TAXIBOX is just like moving locally with TAXIBOX – we deliver your TAXIBOX to you, you pack it at your own pace, we collect your belongings and deliver them to your new address (on the other side of the world). It’s that simple!

Once your TAXIBOX is packed and ready to go with a detailed inventory list and some other entry form requirements, our team will ensure all documentation is sorted before we ship your items overseas. If you elect door-to-door delivery services, our team will assist you with customs documentation, customs clearance and delivery once your items have arrived at your destination country.

Why do I need to prepare an inventory list?

Creating a detailed inventory list is required for your international move to declare your property for customs clearance purposes. Your inventory form must include your full name, your TAXIBOX unit numbers, and your full origin and destination addresses. But no stress – we will provide you with detailed guidelines when you book with us.

How do I know how many TAXIBOXES I'll need for my international move?

Generally, you will need one TAXIBOX for every 1-1.5 rooms’ worth of items you’re moving – to see how many TAXIBOXES you may need, try our Storage Calculator.

What is the estimate shipping timeframe at my destination?

Your shipping timeframe and arrival date at your destination (USA/Canada/Australia) is estimated to be 10-15 weeks. We can provide you with a more accurate timeframe once you fill out the form below.

Are there any items I can't pack in my TAXIBOX for an international move?

Yes – the following items are prohibited by custom laws and should not be packed in your TAXIBOX. Including these items in your TAXIBOX will result in potential delays, fines, penalties and possible confiscation.

  • Alcohol and food items including spices
  • Medicinal products: over the counter or prescriptions, including supplements and herbs
  • Toxic, polluted or contaminated goods
  • Expandable plastics (e.g. foam mattresses)
  • Living plants or animals
  • Food or perishable goods
  • Cash, coin or bank notes, raw minerals, gems, or textiles, wood materials for building
  • Firearms, ammunition, or weapons of any kind
  • Combustible or explosive items (including fireworks, cleaning products, alcohol-based health and beauty items, or any other item with the potential to ignite or explode)
  • Pornography of any kind
  • Unprocessed furs, skins or materials from animals* that are untreated *Taxidermy items require special import permits
  • Hoverboards
  • Animal feed, seeds, bulbs, or materials associated with agriculture
  • Counterfeit materials and materials for the distribution or production of piracy
  • All untreated wood for building or home-made furniture that has not been fumigated or built from ISPM15 heat-treated wood is strictly prohibited

How should I prepare my belongings for transit?

Using the correct packing supplies will maintain and protect your belongings throughout your move. We’ll deliver them to you, with or without your TAXIBOX if you want to get a head start. We recommend using our preparation guide to help you pack. There’s also a quick guide inside every TAXIBOX that we deliver.

What customs documentation is required if I'm moving from Australia to the USA/Canada?

If you’re a returning citizen of the USA or Canada, you will need a scanned copy of the photo page of your passport (with your full signature visible) and your required completed customs form with you on arrival. If you are relocating to the USA or Canada on a Work Visa, you will also require a scanned copy of your work Visa. But don’t stress, we’ll talk you through the process.  

U-BOX services described here are provided outside of Australia. The U-BOX trademark and related trademarks and copyrights are used by TAXIBIOX with permission.

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