Local Storage by TAXIBOX Launches in St. Kilda, Melbourne

Local Storage by TAXIBOX launches in St. Kilda, Melbourne

It’s not always easy to find storage in inner-city locations. Cities like Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane – full of not-so-optimal parking, narrow streets, and tiny studio apartments – they’re not the kind of cities that tend to give much thought to storage solutions. Which is exactly why decided to step in and provide you with Local Storage by TAXIBOX. First on the agenda: St Kilda storage.

TAXIBOX has always been about providing convenient services to our customers; flexibility is always on the top of our agenda. Local Storage by TAXIBOX fits this brief, but this time around, the solutions we’re providing look a little different. 

If you live in an inner-city location, without access to a car or a driveway, or you simply need to access your storage more frequently, we’ve come up with this solution with you in mind. We’ve used our TAXIBOX powers to deliver our shiny new units to a prime spot in the heart of St Kilda, so customers like you can access your storage 24/7. Here’s how it all works…

What is Local Storage?

Local Storage by TAXIBOX. It’s the TAXIBOX you know and love, but this time around, it’s…

  • Local to you. Think TAXIBOX, but there’s no need to get your storage unit redelivered. Access your storage easily, whenever you need it, in a drive-up location that’s easy to get to. No more skinny hallways or steep stairs to worry about. Drive up, access your storage unit, and be on your way.
  • 24/7 access. Visit anytime. We give you access to a keyless Bluetooth lock, so you (and only you) can visit your storage unit anytime. No need to worry about opening hours or wait for someone to answer the phone and let you in.
  • At low, competitive prices. Okay, this feature isn’t new – we’ve always offered low prices here at TAXIBOX. 

How Does It Work?

It’s TAXIBOX, but not as you know it – rather than getting your TAXIBOX delivered to you and storing it in our facility until you need it back, you can access Local Storage by TAXIBOX anytime. No wait times necessary. 

Getting started is easy. You can get your storage sorted in just 3 steps: 

  1. Give us a call to book and we’ll assign you your TAXIBOX.
  2. We grant you access to your digital Bluetooth lock, so all you’ll need to access your storage unit is your phone.
  3. Get storing! Yep. That’s it. Once you’re booked and you have access, you can start storing.

Gotcha. Where Can I Sign Up for St Kilda?

If you’re looking for St Kilda storage and all the above sounds good to you (we don’t blame you), we suggest you get started. There are limited spots available at our Local Storage by TAXIBOX site in St Kilda… so best get in quick! Get started here.

P.S. If you’re not located in St Kilda but you’re interested in Local Storage by TAXIBOX, keep your eyes peeled. New sites on the way soon.

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