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We'll help you keep things chilled

We'll help you keep things chilled

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Cool Room Storage Gold Coast

At TAXIBOX we can supply cool room storage for Gold Coast residents and businesses. If you are having a party, or other events, in an area where getting regular refrigeration might be difficult, then you can hire one of our cool rooms. The cool rooms are suitable to house many different items that need refrigeration to remain fresh.

The TAXIBOX cool room storage for Gold Coast can be used in many different ways. For businesses that are having that extra special event where you need a short term solution for keeping drinks or food cold. You can hire a TAXIBOX cool room to be delivered, the setup is quick and easy, and you’ll be serving cold drinks and food before you know it! You can book in easily through our website, all we need is your address, and how long you need the TAXIBOX cool room for, and we’ll give you a quote on the hire fees. You can also arrange for delivery of a regular self-storage unit, or rent a storage shed to help with anything that needs protection from the elements.

At TAXIBOX we offer cool room storage in the Gold Coast, but if you require removalists for moving interstate in Australia, we can support you there as well. Moving home can be a challenge, if you are getting all of your items packed up for a move from Gold Coast to Melbourne, Brisbane, or Sydney, then you can make use of the cool room after your fridge has been packed up and sent to your new home. The alternative is true as well in case you are moving to the Sydney to Gold Coast, Melbourne, or Brisbane. We can be your removalist for any interstate travel, including Melbourne to Sydney, or Brisbane to Melbourne. Feel free to book in through our website and we can assist you with your relocation.

How does cool storage room work?

The TAXIBOX cool room storage in Gold Coast is the same as a large walk-in cold room that you find in many bottle shops or florists. They need the power to work, but unlike a fridge or standard cool room, they can be delivered to many different locations and set up wherever they have access to power and a flat surface to sit on.

Once your TAXIBOX cool room has been delivered, you’ll need to plug it in, and then after a few minutes, you can start to load it up with anything that you need to keep cool. They can maintain a temperature of around 0oC, so it’s perfect for keeping drinks icy cool during festivals and parties.

How much does cool room storage in Gold Coast cost?

The exact cost of a cool room in the Gold Coast all depends on how long you need it for. If you’re hosting a large party and need it for the weekend you can expect to pay around $399 for delivery and onsite storage. If you need it for over a month the costs would be $649/month, this is suitable for businesses that need an emergency or temporary additional cool room solution.

Before booking for your TAXIBOX cool room, consider your options and what is the best solution for your needs. If you feel that you may need the cool room for longer than a week, it could be best to book in for a month and save on the weekly fees. However, for an event that is only lasting a weekend, such as birthdays, weddings, or valentine’s day flower sales, then choosing a weekly booking is the better option.

How to clean cool room storage?

How often you’ll need to clean your cool room storage for Gold Coast all depends on what you’re storing inside it. We understand that spills can happen inside the unit, especially if you keep open drinks and foodstuff inside it. In this case, it is best to use a damp mop to clean up as much as possible, and then use a dry towel to completely clean out any excess moisture.

If there has been dirt tracked inside the cool room, then you can sweep this up and give the floor a clean with a damp mop. Any shelving units that are inside the TAXIBOX cool room can be wiped down with a clean damp cloth, and then dried with a towel. Keeping the cool room clean is the best way to make sure it remains functioning properly.

How often should cool storage room temperatures be checked?

If you’re using the cool room for a business and storing food for human consumption then the number of times you need to check the temperatures of the fridge is often set by local councils. Ideally, we feel that checking the temperatures at least once every two hours is sufficient to keep track of everything and that the food inside is not going to spoil.

For keeping drinks cool, you can check it about once every four hours. This is because a cold coke or beer is only going to upset someone rather than cause actual harm! However, if you want to keep people happy, then upping your checks to the two-hour mark will make sure you’re supplying everyone with the appropriately chilled cold ones all day!

Cool rooms work similarly to your fridge at home, except they are much larger. If you stand around looking in for more than a few minutes then the room will not be as cold. For the best results, we recommend going in and grabbing what you need quickly. This will help in keeping the cool room at the right temperatures for what you have stored.