Keen on Moving to Brisbane? Here’s an Insider’s Guide to Get You Started

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Weighing up your options and considering moving to Brisbane? You’re not alone, more and more Aussies are moving up north everyday. While the beaches might be tempting you to pack up and leave your entire life behind, we suggest you take a second to make a plan. Organising an interstate move isn’t always easy.

Let’s start your plan by weighing up the pros and the cons (spoiler: Brisbane doesn’t know the meaning of the word “cons”). Find out everything you need to know about moving to Brisbane with our insider’s guide, full of all the good local advice, along with a few tips on how to pull off moving interstate without pulling your back out.

Why Move to Brisbane?

So, you’ve been thinking about moving to Brisbane, in favour of the sunnier side of Australia. Don’t blame you. Brisbane’s the place to be. Here are a few of the reasons we think that might be the case:

  • More sun: Check the weather forecast for Brisbane right now, we dare you. It’s about 10-15° hotter than where you are now, without a single cloud in the sky. Not psychic. We just know how nice the weather in Brisbane is. All. The. Time.
  • Less rent: Paying rent in Brisbane will cheer up your wallet (for once in your life). Living in Brisbane is about 20% cheaper than living in Sydney. Hallelujah.
  • Better beaches: Sure, you might know Brisbane for the river that runs through the city, but the real appeal of Brisbane is its beaches, right around the corner. The beaches up north are some of Australia’s most beautiful, and you won’t have to fight for a spot to sit like you would in Bondi.
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Find a Suburb that Actually Suits You

If you don’t know Brisbane (pretty safe to assume you’re not super familar, since you’re reading this), you’re probably not sure where exactly you want to live yet. Brisbane is a pretty place, so you’re likely to be safe on that front, even if you pick your landing zone at random. The vibe could be completely off though, and nobody wants that. Get a feel for the city before you moving to Brisbane and picking your final destination.

Like most of Australia’s capital cities, Brisbane’s suburbs are based around the river. As a quick glimpse: Brisbane’s Eastern suburbs are pretty flash (if you can afford to live there), while the Western suburbs are more affordable but likely to boom soon enough. The Northern suburbs are quickly getting eaten up by the quickly growing busy-ness of the city. South Brisbane suburbs have a lot of character and a lot to love… but in saying that… where in Brisbane doesn’t fit that bill?

If you’re looking for affordabilityand you’re keen to get out of the inner-city hussle, try deep in the suburbs. Go for Narangba for a house, Scarborough for a unit, or Wynnum for a rental. Brisbane is pretty affordable compared to Australia’s other “main character” cities (cough Sydney and Brisbane cough) so you have a lot of options on the affordability front. Take a look around. The prices – even in the inner-city – might surprise you.

If you’re looking for somewhere family-friendly… Brisbane isn’t as fast-paced as other cities its size, so it’s a great place to raise kids. Try Victoria Point, Sandgate or Wilston for accessible schools and green spaces, all within a practical distance of the grocery stores you’re going to have to visit (at least three times a week).

If you go out a lot… stay in the heart of Brisvegas, around the CBD. In case you don’t speak Brisbane, that’s Hamilton (for riverside markets), Newfarm (for a cafe breakfast), or Fortitude Valley (for arts and culture, nightlife, and all the other good stuff). 

Write Up a Bit of a Budget

Don’t bite off more than you can afford. Make a budget before you start packing your bags. It’s a great way to start planning your move while staying realistic. When it’s Brisbane you’re planning on moving to, you get the added bonus of seeing how much money you’re going to save (there’s no arguing that Brisbane is one of Australia’s cheapest capital cities to live in).

Things to include in your budget:

  • Rent: snag a 1-bedroom apartment in Brisbane’s CBD for around $1400 a month. 3-bedroom places around the same inner-city areas go for around $2800 a month, whilst you can get your hands on a larger home in the suburbs for roughly $1900.
  • Food: lunch in the Brisbane CBD is a steal, at around $15.
  • Average bills per month: what you currently pay is a good estimate
  • Transport: Brisbane’s public transport isn’t worth raving about, we suggest buying a car to get around if you don’t already have one (especially if you’re living in the suburbs). Otherwise, with a Go Card, you can use all bus, ferry and rail services.
  • Treating yourself: depends on where you like to spend your treat-yourself money (in Brisbane, you’re probably going to spending money on ways to keep cool, which is open to interpretation. Could be cocktails. Could be beach gear. Choose your fighter).

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Do All the Must-Dos


Despite what Sydney and Melbourne might have you believe, Brisbane is actually one of the most visited cities in Australia. With attractions like these, we aren’t surprised:

  • Take a day trip to the Gold Coast. One of the best parts about being in Brisbane is being a stone throw away from the most beautiful spots in Australia. Take a quick trip up to the Sunshine Coast or the Gold Coast.
  • Have some fun at the theme parks. Let yourself act like a kid for once. Wet n’ Wild, Dreamworld, Seaworld, Movieworld. Enough worlds to get completely lost in your imagination for a weekend.
  • Visit one of the most surprising art galleries in Australia. GOMA is full of compelling, bold artwork worth taking a peek at.

Eat Everything in Sight

Brisbane is known for more than just the views and the weather, they’ve got food worth raving about too. Aside from consuming all the seafood in sight, try out some of the below to get an authentic feel for Brisbane:

  • Have a look around for Happy Boy. Let’s just say this venue isn’t on the main street, but the food here is still raved about, thanks to word of mouth and local love. Worth hunting out if you’re after noodles, seafood, and Chinese BBQ.
  • Treat yourself at One Fifty Ascot. Think cocktails and fresh local food. Worth a trip for the beautiful venue alone.
  • Enjoy the classics at The Vietnamese. A family-owned instutition in Brisbane, serving comfort food since 1983.

Live Like a Local

Don’t forget, this is an insider’s guide, approved by the locals. When in Brisvegas, do as the Brisvegans do:

  • Have a picnic at New Farm Park. Brisbane weather is made for a sit-down picnic. Make the most of the sunshine and spend some time outside. New Farm Park boasts some pretty good views for this kind of afternoon.
  • See a show at Fortitude Valley Music Hall. It’s the largest ballroom, theatre-inspired venue in Australia. Who wouldn’t want to immerse themselves in that?
  • Check out the local markets. Try Fish Lane Markets for interesting finds or Eat Street Markets for trendy, festival-style and out-of-a-renovated-shipping container eats.

Escape the Tourist Traps

True locals know where to go. Hand in hand, they know where not to go, and what not to do:

  • Queen St Mall during the busier times of year, i.e. on the weekends.
  • Catching the bus. It’s not a tourist trap, but it’s still worth avoiding,. Brisbane has the worst public transport out of Australia’s capital cities. Dodge it if you can with your own car, or a rental if you’re just visiting.
  • Theme parks over the school holidays. Self-explanatory. No one wants to line up with all those screaming kids on a hot day.

Moving to Brisbane? Get a Move On

Moving interstate is easier said than done, especially when you’re setting the top of the country as your destination. With TAXIBOX, you can spend more time focusing on building your summertime-forever wardrobe than moving your stuff across the country – we make moving easy. Even interstate moves. Say goodbye to your winter gear, pack all your summer stuff into a TAXIBOX, and ship it on up to your new Brisbane digs.

If you have time to kill between moves, we’ve got you covered. Store your stuff with TAXIBOX and soak up some sun in the meantime, and get your whole life delivered to your new address whenever you’re ready. Just return the favour and share some of your new city sunshine with the rest of Australia… pls.

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