On-site storage while renovating

Thanks to shows like The Block and Selling Houses Australia, residential renovations continue to be a popular trend.

Looking for storage while renovating? Perhaps you’re looking at:

  • New floorboards
  • New carpet
  • Painting the house
  • Kitchen renovations
  • Bathroom renovations
  • Or something else?

Renovating your home can be an exciting time, but you are going to come across a common problem. Where are you going to store all your belongings?

Good news is, storage solutions such our on site self storage units  are a great option for helping ease the pain, hassle and clutter often associated with renovations.

You can clear up space around work sites and protect your possessions from getting damaged by putting household items into storage.

There’s also the time and money-saving benefits associated with TAXIBOXES on site self storage, as freeing up space means tradies can move around with ease and get the job done faster.

Previously, TAXIBOX would send out  our regular mobile TAXIBOXES with our custom-made waterproof covers. They would be delivered, packed and then returned to our storage facilities for storage. Easy (and yep we can still do this)!

That said, times have now changed and in addition to the above option we now have an alternative – our new and improved sturdie-er metal onsite storage units. Introducing…..

Our new on-site storage TAXIBOXES are delivered the same way our regular TAXIBOXES are with our big bright yellow trucks and depending on access they can be put in all manner of different places from driveways to back yards to front yards. As long as they are on private property, they remain there for the duration of your renovation whilst you turn your house into the masterpiece you always wanted. Key advantages include:

  1. No time limit on packing or unpacking
  2. You can access your belongings whenever you want to
  3. Your items are protected from paint, tradesmen etc.,
  4. You can easily cycle furniture from rooms as you rennovate them into and out of your on-site TAXIBOXES
  5. Your contents are extremely well protected (no joins on the roof means it’s virtually impossible for water to get in).

When it storage for renovating, the world is your oyster as far as things you can store in your TAXIBOX (although please don’t store oysters – they’ll start to smell funny!). Apart from that you really can store almost anything in your TAXIBOX. Please just make sure you follow all our regular tips for storage – you can find information here.

In summary, please remember that putting your items in one of our on-site metal units protects your stored belongings from getting damaged, helping you and your tradespeople move around your place in a clean space ultimately saving you time and money.

For further information on our on-site metal units, please click here.




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