TAXIBOX offers new Self Storage Dandenong facility

Located only some 30 kilometers southeast of Melbourne, the suburb of Dandenong maintains a distinct character and identity. The suburb used to be a separate city. Rapid urban development in the 1960s resulted in its assimilation with the Melbourne metropolitan area. Today, Dandenong is one of the largest areas in Greater Melbourne and is a major industrial and commercial place.

Perhaps the best defining quality of Dandenong is its highly multicultural environment. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the suburb is one of the most ethnically diverse in Victoria. People of more than a hundred nationalities live in perfect harmony in Dandenong. A recent survey of its residents shows that more than half were born overseas. Most migrants to Dandenong are not native English speakers. Immigrants from India, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan are among the more significant ethnic groups.

One in fact finds in Dandenong the only recognized Afghan and Indian precincts in Melbourne. Along Thomas Street between Scott Street and Walker Street, one would find the Afghan Bazaar. Little India meanwhile is situated along Foster Street between the railway station and Thomas Street.

Both the Afghan precinct and the Indian precinct showcase a wide range of their respective cultural products and services. The said precincts are lined with a collection of restaurants and entertainment centers, grocery stores and fashion retail shops.

Dandenong thus proves to be a suburb that is very friendly to migrants from anywhere in the world. The experience of moving to the suburb is made so much easier recently with the expansion of TAXIBOX services in the area.

TAXIBOX is an Australian company that provides self storage services all throughout the country. TAXIBOX is quietly revolutionizing self storage in Australia with the company’s mobile storage facilities also called taxiboxes.

Everyday, Dardenong residents welcome the sight of huge taxiboxes being driven around town. Everyday, TAXIBOX helps Dardenong residents with their self storage needs.

More and more residents are drawn to the efficiency of these yellow taxiboxes, most particularly those who had just recently moved into town. While still tidying up their new homes, they call TAXIBOX for help with storage. Excellent customer service support provides help and matches them with the perfect self storage package that would suit their needs.

Instead of Dardenong residents taking all the trouble looking for utility vehicles for transporting their things to a storage facility, TAXIBOX brings the storage facility right to its customers. Customers only need to wait at the comfort of their homes. Always on the set time, a taxibox is delivered to them by courteous and very helpful TAXIBOX staff.

Customers get access to the taxibox. They get to do the packing themselves. They can take all the time they need for packing to ensure that their valuable things are stored properly at their own rules. They also get to personally lock their taxiboxes.

As soon as the packing is done, a team from TAXIBOX comes back to collect and transport the filled taxibox to a storage location. This modern facility is only a 20 minute drive away from the suburb of Dardenong. This location is kept secure by TAXIBOX for the benefit of its customers.

TAXIBOX service is simple and quick, and is best summarized by the following steps:

1. TAXIBOX delivers
2. Customer packs and locks the taxibox
3. TAXIBOX collects and secures the storage facility

All the extra work associated with self storage is removed. All the extra costs are eliminated too. In fact, TAXIBOX provides the most affordable self service choice not only in Dandenong but throughout Australia. No wonder Dandenong residents love their TAXIBOXES.

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