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With TAXIBOX, you'll never have to drive to a storage facility again. It's easy:

What's your next move?

Combining households
Home Styling Services
Storage in-between moving
Moving or travelling overseas
Decluttering Home
Moving interstate
Other life circumstances

Combining households

Moving in with your loved-one or a friend and have a bit too much to fit in? Share a TAXIBOX!

Home Styling Services

Maximise your sale price! TAXIBOX is the ideal solution to get rid of clutter whilst you run your sale campaign.

Storage in-between moving

Moving to a new home but out of accommodation for a short time? TAXIBOX makes this easy!

Moving or travelling overseas

We'll take care of your clutter so you can live your life “outside the box” whilst you roam the world.

Decluttering Home

Selling your home or just need a bit more space? Get a TAXIBOX to de-clutter your life.


Keep a TAXIBOX at your place or have it stored at one of our secure storage facilities. We make storage while renovating easy!

Moving interstate

Moving interstate across Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane made easy! Get a TAXIBOX delivered to your door and we’ll move it across the country for you.

Other life circumstances

Whatever your reason for storing might be, TAXIBOX offers incredibly convenient storage with service that’ll genuinely knock your socks off!

Did you know that you do not have to travel to take advantage of great storage options? By using our Bondi storage unit, the Taxibox, you will never have to drive around for storage again! Curious how it works? Read on and find out everything our Bondi storage unit has to offer you!

How Our Bondi Storage Works

When you order one of our Bondi storage units, we deliver it right at your doorstep. It is also possible to deliver the Bondi self-storage unit at any other location you have specified, providing you with the convenience you deserve!

By using our mobile Bondi self-storage units, you do not have to drive to a storage facility, nor do you have to unload your Bondi self-storage unit. In short, Taxibox offers you optimal convenience!

The Benefits of Our Bondi Self-Storage

Convenience is just one of the advantages you will get when you choose our Taxibox. The second benefit that many customers tend to appreciate is the cost-effectiveness of our Bondi self-storage solution, since our Sydney storage unit is considerably cheaper than other conventional storage options.

Customers also do not have to look or drive far to take advantage of their Sydney storage unit, since it can be delivered at any given location. Customers are also not obligated to store their Sydney self-storage unit in our Sydney self-storage facility, since customers can keep their storage unit on their property for as long as they need it.

All our clients can also count on additional security, especially when they decide to store their unit in our storage facility. However, customers still do not have to drive, because our team will pick up the loaded storage unit and store it in our facility for you.

Each of our storage facilities has a state-of-the-art security system and so all storage units enjoy round the clock security. In addition to the heightened security, customers can also gain access to their unit at any given point.

Customers who would rather not do any travelling or driving, can always schedule a redelivery of their Taxibox. Clients can either take their storage unit out of storage, or add something to it before adding it to our storage facility again.

Cost Saving

We already briefly mentioned that choosing Taxibox can save you a considerable amount of money. Customers do not only save money by choosing our cheaper, mobile storage solution, but save money by cutting costs such as transport and tolls.

All additional costs that you normally encounter with other storage options are already included in the price you pay for a Taxibox. This means that you will not pay anything extra for fuel, labour or tolls along the way.

Taxibox offers you a straightforward pricing policy without hidden costs or fees that can seriously increase the total price of your storage solution. So, can you really not afford to benefit from this great storage option?

Close Storage Facility

Customers who opt to store their unit in our storage facility, and rather not pay an extra fee for a redelivery, can always gain access to our storage facility. Fortunately, our storage facility is conveniently located near Bondi, since it is only 7 kilometres away. So if you live in or close to Bondi Beach, Bondi Junction, North Bondi, Queens Park, Tamarama or Waverley then this is the perfect storage solution for you.

More Taxibox Services

Every client that chooses our storage option can also benefit from a few extra services we offer on our website. A few of these extra services are insurance, redeliveries, packing supplies and much more.

We already mentioned redelivery, but we did not cover insurance yet. Some people find that their stored goods are covered under their standard insurance policy, but unfortunately this is not the case for everyone.

Customers who do not have the proper coverage can count on Taxibox to provide them with the necessary insurance policy starting from $2 a month. For more information about insurance options, please contact our customer support department.

Another service you can take advantage of when you use Taxibox is our packing supplies shop. To ensure that the furniture and goods of customers are completely safe, we sell all the packing supplies you need on our website. From boxes to port-a-robes, you will find everything you need right here. Customers can also benefit from additional discounts when they take advantage of one of our packing supplies packages.

Additional Discounts

Bondi customers can also benefit from various discounts we offer on a regular basis. We always reward our faithful customers, so we have special deals for customers who store with us for a period longer than six months. Customers who store with us for minimum 3 months get a free redelivery and clients who store for 12 months get an extra 15% discount on their storage option.

Do you need multiple storage units? Then Taxibox will be especially interesting for you given the fact that we provide massive discounts to people who store more than one Taxibox.

Are you a business or home owner in need of multiple Taxiboxes and would you like to know more about the deals we can offer you? Why not give us a call and find out what we can do for you!

Moving With the Taxibox

Clients can also use the Taxibox for moving. Customers simply load up the Taxibox and our team picks it up for storage or transports it to your new home or office.

When you intend to use the Taxibox for moving, we really recommend having a look at our shop with packing supplies. Taxibox does ensure that your furniture and belongings are in safe hands, because the storage unit is held flat throughout the move.

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Are you ready for your Taxibox? Or do you have any questions about our storage unit, our storage facility or any of the additional services you can find on our website? Then do not hesitate to give our customer support team a call.

For more information or to order a Taxibox, please call 1300 87-60-87 or use the online form to request a quote. You can also book your own mobile storage unit online by hitting the Book Now button!

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