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TAXIBOX turns your stuff into space

TAXIBOX turns your stuff into space

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Unit 5, 5-9 Ricketty St, Mascot NSW 2020

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Need Eastern Suburbs Storage Nearby? Check Out TAXIBOX

People looking for Eastern Suburbs storage do not need to look far, because you can get an Eastern Suburbs storage unit right at your doorstep. By choosing our mobile Eastern Suburbs storage solution, you get immediate access to your storage space at a location you specify. Let us take a closer look at the Eastern Suburbs storage solution and find out why this is the best Sydney storage solution around.

Most Affordable Eastern Suburbs Self-Storage Solution

Customers who choose our Taxibox, will receive the most affordable Eastern Suburbs self-storage solution. Clients are able to save money on some of the things that can seriously elevate storage prices, such as transport and actual storage space.

Using our Eastern Suburbs self-storage solution will save you money in various ways. First of all, our Taxibox only provides the room you need, so you will not pay extra for storage space you are not going to use.

Secondly, our Eastern Suburbs self-storage unit does not require you to do any driving. This way you also save money on petrol or van hires. When you choose our Eastern Suburbs self-storage unit, we will deliver and pick up your storage unit, no matter where you live.

Businesses will also be more than happy to use our Sydney storage solution, since we provide special discounts to customers who use more than one Taxibox. Whether you need a serious amount of space for stock or sensitive paperwork, using our Sydney self-storage unit will be your best bet!

Sydney Self-Storage Options

Our Taxibox can be used in many different ways. Customers can either keep the storage unit on their property, store it in our excellent storage facility or use it for moving.

Customers who keep their storage unit on their property can count on the protection of an extra padlock, which can be used to close off your storage unit from prying eyes. The Taxibox also has an external protective layer, protecting your goods against bad weather. When we deliver the Taxibox we also place it off the ground, so that water cannot come in through the door.

Additional protection can also be acquired by storing your storage unit in our Sydney warehouse. To ensure the safety of your goods, all our warehouses are equipped with an excellent security system. That way your stuff is protected around the clock! All our warehouses are also subjected to regular inspections, ensuring good fire protection and pest control.

Clients who want to use the Taxibox for moving simply have to load up Taxiboxes with the stuff they want to take to their new home or office. Once filled up, our team will pick it up and transport it to the new location. Even customers who move interstate can still take advantage of the Taxibox.

The Benefits of Taxibox over Traditional Storage

When you look at our Taxibox, you will immediately notice some crucial differences with the traditional storage spaces. The biggest and most obvious difference is definitely the mobility our Taxibox, making the entire storage solution a lot more convenient than other traditional storage spaces.

Still, convenience is just one of the many benefits one can acquire when choosing our Taxibox storage unit. Cutting costs is another benefit you will get when you choose Taxibox instead of traditional storage spaces. You do not have to pay any petrol, nor do you have to do any driving or hire more storage space than you actually need. This is quite different for traditional storage spaces, given the fact that you usually rent more space than you need and you always have to drive to your storage unit to get your stuff stored.

Taxibox is currently the cheapest storage provider in Australia, but we still offer plenty of deals to our customers which makes getting a Taxibox even more interesting. A few of the extra price-cutting deals we provide is a free redelivery and 15% discounts on your storage solution.

It is also easier to organise your stored goods when you use our storage unit. For example, it is possible to use one Taxibox per room, making it a lot easier to find certain things later on. This is an advantage you do not get with a traditional storage space, since everything is put into one room, which also makes it a lot more difficult to get stuff out because of a lack of organisation.

The last benefit you can get from using our Taxibox is our excellent customer service. We aim to provide each customer with good customer service and try to meet all of our client’s needs. In order to ensure that we can always be reached, customers can reach us by telephone, live chat and email.

Are you convinced that the Taxibox is the way to go for you? Feel free to check out all the additional information on the website and get your perfect storage unit today!

Taxibox Suitability

Our storage unit was developed with furniture and general goods storage in mind. The Taxibox is made from a durable wooden composite, which offers more benefits than the traditional storage containers.

When working with standard steel containers, the chance is high that your furniture will be damaged by mildew or condensation. If you use the Taxibox, you will not encounter this particular problem, because our storage unit is made to protect your furniture against this particular storage issue.

Getting Some Help

Is it not possible for you to load or unload your Taxibox? No problem at all, because our company works closely with a number of removalist companies in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Want to use a removalist company to help you load and unload your Taxibox? Please let us know and we will arrange this extra help for you.

Do you want to hire a Taxibox? Give our representatives a call at 1300 87-60-87 or click on the Book Now button on the website.