TAXIBOX opens self storage Eastern Suburbs facility in Sydney

Moving to a new home made easy with TAXIBOX’s self storage Eastern Suburbs service

Early last year, Scott made the biggest decision of his life. He accepted a job offer as a civil structural landscaper in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. This was the offer to the job of a lifetime and certainly one he can never refuse. He had always wanted to live and work in Australia. He had heard so many wonderful things about Sydney, particularly the Eastern Suburbs and its spectacular beaches.

This decision however meant that he and his family are required to move to Sydney and permanently reside there. While up for the challenge, Scott knew the move would not be easy. The kids were excited of course. His wife was very helpful. But they were from California in the US. They were from the other side of the world and the move is sure to take its toll on Scott’s family.

Scott knew he had to make very strict plans about moving to make sure everything went smoothly.

Before they flew to Sydney, the family packed all their things and had them shipped. They arrived early in May and their things arrived a few weeks after.

Scott and his family stayed at a temporary apartment initially. Their future house was still undergoing repairs. He thought they would be living in the small apartment for four weeks tops. He thought they would be able to move to the permanent place the first week of June.

He got a call from his landlord saying some minor improvements were still going on with their apartment. This meant Scott and his family’s plans of moving in early June would have to be delayed by an additional month.

No matter, Scott thought, the apartment repairs were for their own future comfort anyway. The family decided to regroup and think about storage for their things.

Back in California, Scott had heard of mobile self storage facilities. He was aware of the ease and convenience this type of self storage service offers and knows that this would be a better option than traditional self storage facilities. Still new at his job, Scott was still adjusting to life in Sydney. He knew he would be better off with the self storage that is most convenient for him and his family.

He found TAXIBOX online and was amazed to know that it was the only company offering mobile self storage in Australia. Odd considering this service was already huge in the US. He was fond of the fact that the storage facilities are also called taxiboxes, like the name of the company. That’s cute, he thought.

He called the company to have a TAXIBOX delivered to his home. He was stunned that for the promised efficient and simple self storage service, the company is charging him a very affordable rate. Way below the costs he expected to incur with his self storage needs.

The taxibox was delivered on a Monday and Scott was told by the good TAXIBOX staff that he could take all the time he wants in packing his things inside. Then he was given a lock for the taxibox to keep his things secure. The taxibox was collected as soon as Scott finished packing. He was told the box would be kept in a secure and safe location in Sydney.

The TAXIBOX guys told Scott that he need only to call again to have his taxibox delivered anytime he wants. He and his family stayed on at the small apartment for a few more weeks. Then his landlord called and excitedly told him the good news. Their apartment is ready. They can move in anytime.

When Scott and his family finally moved in to their new place, he called TAXIBOX to have his taxibox delivered. His taxibox was delivered on his new place. What a relief, he thought.

Scott thanked the TAXIBOX staff profusely and told them he was so surprised everything went so smoothly. It was really as easy as the TAXIBOX slogan promised: they delivered the taxibox, Scott packed all this things there, they collected the box and stored it safely for him.

If moving was this easy, Scott thought, then every family moving to Australia should not have to worry at all. TAXIBOX sure made his first few months in Sydney much more memorable than he expected it to be. Only living in Sydney for a few months, Scott was already deeply in love with the place.

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